Who Is Cleo "Cle0h" Hernandez? Sinatraa's Ex-Girlfriend

Cleo is better known as Cle0h

If you’re familiar with Sinatraa, a popular American professional esports player, you might be curious to know about his past relationship with Cleo Hernandez. She is often referred to as her online alias “Cle0h”, and is the ex-girlfriend of the Valorant player, Sinatraa. 

We’ve put together everything you need to know about Cleo Hernandez and her ex-boyfriend, Sinatraa. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the two!

Who Is Cleo Hernandez?

Unlike her ex-boyfriend Sinatraa, Cleo isn’t famous for streaming on Twitch or being a professional esports player. She does however have an impressive amount of followers on Twitter and Instagram, check out her social accounts and follower count below!

  • @Cle0h (Twitter) – 5,500 Followers
  • @Cle0h_ (Instagram) – 1,500 Followers

Cleo is 21 years old, and her birthday is December 11. Her social media accounts mainly consist of selfies and pictures of friends and her tattoos. Although she isn’t a Twitch streamer like Sinatraa, she does often Tweet about video games like Valorant.

She found herself with a large following after starting a relationship with e-sports star Sinatraa, but they have since ended the relationship and Cleo is now in a relationship with Twitch Streamer Kai Collins.

Who Is Sinatraa?

Jay Won, better known by his online alias Sinatraa, is a professional esports player who is best known for playing Overwatch and Valorant. He is only 20 years old but has already found fame across social medias, you can find the links to all of his accounts below.

Jay is 20 years old, and his birthday is March 18. His content on Twitch and YouTube mainly consists of gaming content revolving around Valorant and Overwatch. He also won the 2019 Overwatch League Grand Finals during the 2019 Season. Arguably his most successful achievement was winning the 2019 Overwatch World Cup as a member of Team USA.

How Long Were They Together?

The exact date when Sinatraa and Cleo got together is unknown, but Cleo has publically mentioned that they were together for a total of 9 months. Cleo has been with her current boyfriend Kai for over a year now, which of course means Cleo and Sinatraa likely got together at the end of 2018 or the start of 2019.

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