Who Is Clone Wars' Cut Lawquane In Star Wars: The Bad Batch?

Cut Lawquane makes his entry into The Bad Batch series!

By Soham Rane

May 7, 2021

The Bad Batch run into familiar faces in the season’s second episode, but who is Cut Lawquane?


Star Wars: The Bad Batch is in full swing with rave reviews praising the series.

The animated show presents itself as a worthy successor of the acclaimed Clone Wars, continuing to draw characters from the previous show.

In the second episode, the Bad Batch run into a Cut and Suu Lawquane who are former acquaintances.

Read more to learn about Cut Lawquane’s origin and his story in the lore!

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch | Official Trailer | Disney+

Star Wars: The Bad Batch | Official Trailer | Disney+

Who Is Cut Lawquane In Clone Wars?

Image taken from Star Wars’ website

Cut Lawquane is a Jango Fett clone bred in the Republic cloning facility on Kamino. He joined the Grand Army of the Republic and continued serving the military after the First battle of Geonosis. He first appears in The Clone Wars episode, “The Deserter”.

During one of his missions, his troop transport was cornered by Separatist gunships who killed most of the clones on board. Cut fled and found his way to the Outer Rim planet of Saleucami where he met Suu, a female Twi’lek.

Eventually, they fell in love and married, and Cut Lawquane became the step-father of two human-Twi’lek hybrid children, Shaeeah and Jek. The family started taking care of a farm and lived on the planet.

What Happened In The Battle of Saleucami?

In the year 21 BBY, Separatist General Grievous intended to invade Saleucami but his landing craft was shot by the Galactic Republic. This forced him and his droids to come to the planet in escape pods.

The Republic with Obi-Wan Kenobi and several clone troopers searched for Grievous’s escape pod. During the hunt, Clone Captain Rex was injured and his team medic, Kix, looked for a place for him to recover. They see that the animals around them were domesticated and eventually come to Lawquane Family’s Farm.

How Did Rex Meet Cut Lawquane Before The Bad Batch series starts?

As they approached the Family Farm, Suu confronted them. After some explanation, Suu offered a place for Rex to recover. She explained that Cut was delivering their first harvest.

Rex’s squad left to look for General Grievous while Cut returned to see Rex, confronted him, and immediately recognized each other as clones. Rex accused Cut of deserting the Republic Army just as Shaeeah and Jek entered to talk to their father. After Suu explained what had happened, Cut Lawquane allowed Rex to spend the night.

During dinner, Rex and Cut debated the ethics of deserting the army. After dinner, Shaeeah and Rex ran to play in a crop field where they discovered a droid escape pod. Shaeeah accidently set off a group of Droid commandos. The children went back and Cut took it upon himself to defeat the droid while Rex would defend his family.

Cut manages to defeat the droids but traps himself in debris, allowing the droids to take on his family. Rex defended them just enough for Cut to return and take on them.

Cut Lawquane And His Connection To Rex In The Bad Batch

In the morning, Rex decided to return to his squad. Cut gave him a choice to join their family but Rex said that his family was elsewhere. Suu worries about Rex turning Cut in for deserting but Rex agreed not to.

The two developed a bond and understanding of each other through their dinner debates and their fights.

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