Who Is Ekko In Arcane League Of Legends? Voice Actor and Character Explained

The boy who shattered time!

November 20, 2021

Act 3 of Arcane: League of Legends is finally out now. And we finally got to see the face behind the white mask-clad leader of the Firelight group. It is Ekko just as we predicted that has turned the character even more interesting.

Naturally, viewers are eager to learn more about this character. So in this article, we shall be delving deeper into who Ekko is, what more we can expect from this character and the voice behind him.

But before we move ahead, here’s a fair warning: Spoilers ahead!

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Arcane | Vi’s Records Council Archives Trailer

Arcane | Vi’s Records Council Archives Trailer

Ekko In Arcane LoL

Ekko in Arcane

Ekko is one of the undercity kids just like Vi and Powder in Arcane. He lives in the underbelly of Zaun where he is probably one of the orphaned kids (as we never see his parents) struggling to survive. Ekko is also known by the nickname “Little Man.”

In Act 1 of Arcane, Ekko is scene working at a pawn shop owned by a man named Benzo who is friends with Vander. However, during the scuffle with Silco where Vander gets abducted, Benzo is killed by Silco’s underlings.

Ekko witnesses the whole incident and ends up hating Silco for the same. In the absence of Benzo, Ekko is forced to survive on his own and in Act 3 it is revealed that he is one of the Firelight members who have created their own safe haven in Zaun.

Ekko’s Abilities and Weapons

Ekko grows up to be a prodigy who can manipulate time to twist any situation to his advantage.

He uses his own invention called the Zero Drive which is basically a pocket watch. This device can explore the branching possibilities of reality to craft the perfect moment to escape or attack in fights. This ability also earns him the name “the boy who shattered time” in League of Legends.

Apart from that, Ekko is often seen gliding on a hoverboard that he uses to travel, attack, and escape.

Voice Actor For Ekko In Arcane LoL

Miles Brown has done the voice-over for the character of young Ekko in Arcane. But the voice actor for older Ekko is Reed Shannon.

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