Who Is Gorr The God Butcher In MCU?

Here's why he was named the "God Butcher"

By Manisha Priyadarshini

August 5, 2021

Recently we got to know that Christian Bale will be starring as Gorr The God Butcher in the upcoming movie Thor: Love and Thunder.

You must have also seen the pictures of Bale dressed up as Gorr in a menacing silver ensemble with a full-face prosthetic.

But like many others, you might be wondering about the background of the character and his role in the MCU. So in this article, we shall be discussing Gorr The God Butcher in depth including his early years, power, abilities and how he earned his name.

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Marvel’s Avengers – Content Assembled Trailer

Marvel’s Avengers – Content Assembled Trailer

Early years of Gorr The God Butcher

The character Gorr is an alien who hails from a planet tormented by environmental calamities. The planet where he was born has no name and it was on the brink of starvation. When his mother and father died at an early age, Gorr was left all alone to fend for himself in a hostile world.

But he continued to survive and even got married and fathered some children. However, his pregnant mate Arra was killed during an earthquake and most of his children perished until he was left with one son, Agar. When Agar was on the brink of death due to starvation, Gorr had to tell his son that they would soon reach a forest where they would never go hungry again (just to ease his suffering).

How Did Gorr The God Butcher earn his name

After Agar’s death, Gorr was stricken with grief and he lost his faith in Gods and their existence as none of them answered his prayers. Because of this, he was exiled by his people as they were superstitious. He ended up wandering in the desert hoping to die where he witnessed a pair of battling gods – a dark elder god called Knull and a gold-armored purple-skinned god.

Gorr was shocked after realizing that God did exist and even more when the gold-armored god begged for his help while he was getting attacked. Meanwhile, the dark god’s sword transformed into an amorphous mass of living darkness and bonded to Gorr — which he uses to kill the gold-armored god.

Having found this new weapon, called All-Black the Necrosword, Gorr vowed to seek vengeance against all gods for never answering his prayers, and set out to kill them all.

He hated all Gods and traveled across the cosmos for thousands of years to exact his revenge, leading a crusade where he killed many gods of fear, war, chaos, genocide, revenge, plagues, earthquakes, blood, wrath, jealousy, death, degradation, and a few gods of poetry and flowers.

This act in itself earned him the name Gorr The God Butcher.

Powers and Abilities

Gorr the God Butcher has no superhuman abilities but three thousand years of combat experience has made him skilled enough with weapons to battle gods with ease.

He is a very skilled torturer and has claimed that he tortured a god of torture once. His main strength lies in his weapon, All-Black the Necrosword, which allows him to be at par with Thor and kill other gods.

His Encounter With Thor In Marvel Comics

In Marvel Comics, Gorr arrives on Earth in the 9th century where he kills a god and the dead body is found by Thor. At a later date, Thor is attacked by Gorr and narrowly escapes death the first time. In their second encounter, Thor gets captured and torture by Gorr for information about the location of Asgard for seventeen days. But with the help of Viking worshipers, Thor manages to escape once again.

After that, the two-character encounter each other several times for which you can refer to this.

Gorr The Butcher’s Role In MCU’s Thor: Love And Thunder

Gorr the God Butcher will be appearing as a supervillain in the upcoming movie, Thor: Love And Thunder. Since he is known as a sworn enemy of every god including Thor, we can expect to see an intense battle between the two. But whether the events that happened in comics would be the same in the movie is yet to be seen.

The movie is set to release in 2022 so we shall have to wait until then.

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