Who Is Heimerdinger In League Of Legends Arcane? Character, Voice Actor Explained

Everything you need to know about the furry little Professor!

November 8, 2021

The animated series Arcane from League of Legends developer Riot Games has gained immense popularity on Netflix.

Arcane has gained the attention of LoL fans and managed to entertain a lot of viewers who are new to the League of Legends world. This has made several people curious about the characters in the series, especially the one known as Heimerdinger.

That is because Heimerdinger is this furry little being that can speak like humans but he isn’t one of them. Despite that, he holds an important position among the council members of Piltover. And strangely enough, no one else looks like him, so fans are curious about this character.

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Arcane: Animated Series | A Score To Settle

Arcane: Animated Series | A Score To Settle

Heimerdinger In LoL Arcane

Heimerdinger is a brilliant but eccentric scientist who stands among one of the best inventors Piltover has ever seen. His full name is Professor Cecil B. Heimerdinger and he not only teaches at the Piltover Academy but also holds a position among council members. He looks different from the rest of the characters in Arcane because he comes from a tribe called Yordle.

Yordles are a race of spirits who take generally take the appearance of short human-like creatures. They live in a mystical place known as the Bandle City but

The Yordle are a race of spirits who generally take the appearance of mammalian bipeds. They mostly reside in a mystical place known as Bandle City, though some of the Yordles like Heimerdinger venture out to live among humans in different locations.

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Voice Actor for Heimerdinger in Arcane

Mike Wingert has done the voice-over for Professor Heimerdinger in Arcane. He is well known for lending his voice to iconic characters such as Po in Kung-Fu Panda, and Iron Man in various Marvel productions.

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