Who is Kouji Mori, The Supervisor For Berserk's Continuation?

The legendary manga series will continue.

June 7, 2022

Recently, Studio Gaga announced that Berserk manga would continue without Kentarou Miura, the legendary mangaka who passed away last year. Miura’s students confirmed that Studio Gaga would work on the upcoming chapter’s art, whereas Kouji Mori would supervise the manga series.

For the unacquainted, Kouji Mori is a famous mangaka who created Holyland. Mori is also a close childhood friend of Miura. According to the mangaka’s statement, Miura consulted Kouji Mori when he worked on the rough draft of Berserk, which also included the manga’s ending.

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In the official statement, Mori stated that Berserk’s story went on precisely as they discussed all those years back. So, Mori knew the story of Berserk ever since it was in the rough drafts. Naturally, the author was also aware of how Miura intended to end the story.

Interestingly, Studio Gaga also consulted Kouji Mori when they completed Chapter 364 of the series. The company’s director, Shimada, reached out to Mori, asking if the author wanted to continue Berserk since he is the only person who knows the manga’s ending. Mori realized it was a big responsibility, and many fans wouldn’t be fully satisfied hearing about Berserk’s continuation without Miura. However, Mori agreed to do it so he could complete the story that Miura had written around 30 years ago.

In the statement, Kouji Mori also promises to write the events that he remembers well. The author will not work on the episodes he can’t recall clearly, and will only write lines and stories that Miura described to him. However, Mori didn’t think he could draw Berserk; only the legendary Miura could do that. So, Miura’s students in the company will work on the manga’s art for future chapters while Kouji Mori handles Berserk’s supervision.

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