Who is Lobo? The DC Character from the Upcoming Comic Superman vs Lobo

By Jo Craig

July 7, 2021

Marvel may be rolling in the success of its Disney+ show starring the charismatic villain Loki, but DC is preparing to shine the spotlight on its own breed.

Lobo is the grinning biker from outer space and he is about to face off against one of DC’s mightiest heroes.

Superman vs. Lobo is an upcoming miniseries from the creative team behind Money Shot and it promises to unleash three issues of epic battles with plenty of comedy.

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Superman & Lois | He Will Win | Season Trailer | The CW

Superman & Lois | He Will Win | Season Trailer | The CW

Who is Lobo

If you merged Kiss frontman Gene Simmons with a galactic DC villain, then Lobo would be your result.

Known as “The Last Czarnian” and “The Main Man,” Lobo is a feared bounty hunter who travels the universe on his “space cycle” named Spacehog.

The word Lobo is more commonly associated with a timber wolf, however Lobo was named after the Ancient Khund word which translates to “he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it.”

Dressed as a Hell’s Angels biker who has menacing tattoos, red eyes and dolphins for pets, Lobo has become one of the greatest adversaries in DC lore.

Lobo has fought for both the good guys and the bad guys, having come face to face with nearly every DC superhero at some point, including history with Superman.

Superman vs. Lobo Three-Issue Series

Written by Tim Seeley (Batman: Eternal) and Sarah Beattie (Saturday Night Live) with illustrations by Mirka Andolfo (Bombshells), Superman vs. Lobo Issue 1 will be released on August 24 through DC Black Label.

Former Lobo artist Simon Bisley will be accompanied by other artists in designing card stock variant covers to accompany the miniseries’ release, as part of DC’s Prestige Plus format.


The story will revolve around Numen, a god who is rather unhappy about the attention that Superman and Lobo’s showdown is gaining.

Meanwhile, scientist Dr. Flik is committed to researching the “last sons of Krypton and Czarnia,” as Superman and Lobo create chaos all around.

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