Who Is Lucius Zogratis In Black Clover Manga: His Dark Truth Revealed

Lucius will be the main antagonist of Black Clover final arc.

April 25, 2022

Lucius Zogratis is Black Clover might arouse the curiosity in some of the fans and make them wonder about the character. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the character.

After Lucifero’s death, everyone thought that our heroes would spend some quality time with each other. No more fights, no more dirty truths, and nothing to make the readers sigh. But seemed like Tabata had planned something even bigger, enough to make the readers restless.

The last chapter of the Black Clover Spade Kingdom arc revealed the dark truth about Lucius Zogratis. It turned out that the less known character from the manga is actually the main antagonist of the manga, after all. So before we see the new villain of Black Clover coming to action in the final arc, let’s know everything we need to know about him.

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Lucius Zogratis In Black Clover Explained

Lucius has three siblings, Dante Zogratis, Vanica, and Zenon, and he is the eldest of all. He is a tall man with messy hair and a mark that looks like a sun on the right side of his forehead. Lucius is the devil host of Astaroth, the highest-ranking devil of the Tree of Qliphoth, and the user of the Time Magic. It’s one of the strongest magic, which can allow its user to control the time by speeding it up, slowing it, or even reversing it. And Lucius Zogratis or you can say Astaroth is the only one who can use Time Magic.

Lucius made his manga debut in chapter 306 of Black Clover Spade Kingdon Arc. He understood the potential of his younger brother Zenon and offered him to become a devil host like him. Zenon rejected his offer at first, but years later, after the death of his friend, he approached Lucius to make him a devil host just like him. Lucius explains that their motive for using the devil’s powers is to create a world with undying bodies in order to restore peace in the world.

It recently came to light that Lucius Zogratis came to the Clover Kingdom and disguised himself as Julius Novachrono. He became the Wizard King so that no one could even suspect his real identity. But when Damnatio presents his proofs about the underworld and Astaroth, Lucius finally decides to unveil his real identity. He then comes to his natural form and kills Damnatio.

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