Who Is Nakak In Warframe And How To Find Her

Nakak is an NPC that you need to find.

By Manisha Priyadarshini

September 9, 2021

The latest Warframe update is out bringing the Operation Plague Star event for players. An important part of this quest requires players to find Nakak in Warframe.

So in this guide, we shall discuss more on who Nakak is, how she can help you and where to find her in Warframe.

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Warframe – Yareli Profile | Available Now

Warframe – Yareli Profile | Available Now

Nakak Warframe


Nakak is an NPC in Warframe who serves as a young saleswoman of “Masks and Oddities” in Cetus. She sells masks and scavenged Grineer flares that can increase Affinity range when used.

Instead of selling items for Standing or Platinum, Nakak trades her wares for resources from the Plains. The collection of items occasionally changes but the costs associated with it change daily.

She also claims to sell rugs and carpets, although these are not actually for sale from Nakak. However, during certain events, Nakak can have special items for purchase in addition to her regular wares.

Nakak In Operation: Plague Star

During Operation: Plague Star, Nakak is the one in charge of the event wares as the representative of the Operational Supply syndicate. You can get “Operational Supply” items in exchange for standing from Nakak.

She also plays a similar role with the recurring Dog Days Tactical Alert, trading Nakak Pearls for event wares.

Where To Find Nakak In Warframe

Nakak can be found on the left side of the market in Cetus, directly across from the gate to the Plains of Eidolon.

So this is all you need to know about Nakak from Warframe. For more queries, feel free to drop a comment below and keep reading on Dualshockers for more such info and guides on Warframe.

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