Who Is Orthax In The Legend Of Vox Machina

Orthax is not yet gone.

February 18, 2022

Time and again in the show, evil power named Orthax is shown to take control over Percival de Rolo. If you wonder who is Orthax in The Legend Of Vox Machina, then here’s everything you need to know.

Spoiler Alert: This post contains spoilers from The Legend Of Vox Machina season 1

Since the start of the series, a devil is shown to appear from nowhere, transforming Percy into a demon-like figure. At first, it felt like it was some hidden magical power that Percy holds, but later in the show, it’s revealed that the evil power named Orthax takes control of Percy’s body, mind, and soul.


All the members of the Vox Machina seem to hold some incredible powers. While Vex, Vax, Scanlan, Pike, and Keyleth have magical powers, Grog is super muscular and powerful. But Percy seems to neither behold any magical powers nor is he strong like Grog. Yet, at some points in the show, Percy is shown to be stronger than all of them combined. Well, this happens when Orthax takes over Percy.

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Orthax In The Legend Of Vox Machina: Character Explained

Orthax is a kind of devil power known to make pacts with people, using their drive of vengeance as a weakness. The evil entity used Percy’s vengeance against the Briarwoods as a source of making its pact with Percy and granting him some evil powers. But in return, Orthax seemed to take control over Percy. At first, Orthax could control Percy only when he saw his enemies, but with time, it would have overpowered him completely and taken over his soul.

When Orthax seems to awake inside Percy, he is shown to have changed his voice, and his eye color change to black and yellow. At that time, a mask seems to appear on Percy’s face, and black smoke emerges from his body. In the last episode of the series, we get to see the true form of Orthax. The power seems like a bird-shaped creature formed with black smoke. After generating completely, it reaches the height of 12 feet, touching the roof.

When Orthax first approached Percy, he thought that it was some kind of dream he was having. Orthax offered his powers to him for taking vengeance against all those who killed his family and took everything from him. Percy was then inspired to make his gun named Pepperbox Pistol.

Percy is shown to fight Orthax and break his pact with it, but Orthax appears to be extremely powerful. But at last, Percy shoots his own hand, dropping the gun and saving himself from Orthax. After that, Scanlen drops the gun into acid, saving Percy from the entity once and for all. In season 2, we will see Anna Ripley making the same pact with Orthax to defeat the Vox Machina.

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