Who Is Perrin In The Wheel Of Time?

The blacksmith from The Two Rivers.

November 19, 2021

Based on Robert Jordan’s fantasy novel series, The Wheel of Time is finally out now. The show has several mysterious characters and viewers are eager to know more about them, especially Perrin.

The plot is set in a world where women can safely access powerful magic but men cannot as it drives them insane. The story follows a powerful woman called Moiraine, who belongs to a magical group of women known as the Aes Sedai. She leads four young people on a long and difficult journey that unravels as we watch the show.

Moraine believes that one of her young companions which includes Perrin is the prophesized Dragon who will either save the world or destroy it. However, she isn’t the only one who’s in search of the Dragon as both allies and enemies are looking for the chosen one. But before you read more, here’s a fair warning: Spoilers ahead!

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Arcane | Act III Teaser | Netflix

Arcane | Act III Teaser | Netflix

Perrin Aybara In The Wheel Of Time

The character Perrin Aybara is one of the main protagonists both in the books and the show and is played by Marcus Rutherford.

Perrin is the eldest of four children born to a peasant couple in a place called The Two Rivers where he works as a blacksmith. As discussed previously, he is among the four-person who could be the incarnation of the Dragon, according to Moiraine Damodred.

In The Wheel Of Time show, we get to see that Perrin’s village is attacked by the Trollocs who are hunting for the Dragon. While trying to defend himself and his lover, Laila, during the attack, Perrin accidentally swings an axe not knowing that it was Laila who was standing behind him. However, this fatal blow kills Laila which fills Perrin with guilt and grief.

After this incident, Moiraine tells Perrin of the prophecy and the fact that the Trollocs would keep on following him and his friends. So he decides to leave The Two Rivers and embark on a journey to the White Tower in the East.

Later on, in the show, we get to see that Perrin has some sort of supernatural powers that attracts wolves. The wolves not only guide Perrin but also help save his life by licking the wound that was infected with Trolloc poison. This incident suggests that he is a wolfbrother. For those who haven’t read the books, a wolfbrother is a person who develops a relationship with wolves and some wolf-like characteristics.

Perrin’s Personality and Powers

Perrin has a gentle demeanor and is slow to anger. His cautious manner of thinking gives him the ability the assess any situation very logically rather than acting on impulse.

Although he rarely gets angry, his physical strength and animalistic wolfbrother impulses make his anger a deadly weapon. This internal struggle is Perrin’s central theme as a character.

As far as Perrin’s powers are concerned, we didn’t get to see much in the first three episodes. But given that Perrin is a wolfbrother, his character could end up developing powers like psychic communication, vision and tracking and a heightened sense of smell (just like wolves). Besides that, we have already seen The Wheel Of Time show that he gets prophetic dreams too which are of significance.

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