Who Is Sevika In Arcane League of Legends? Character and Voice Actor Explained

Everything you need to know about Silco's right hand!

November 20, 2021

With Act 3 of Arcane League of Legends finally out on Netflix, we got to see more development of the main characters of the series. But there are some characters that are still somewhat of a mystery despite getting enough screen time and one of them is Sevika.

Sevika is one of the new characters that have been introduced to the League of Legends world via the animated series titled Arcane. This is why not much is known about her apart from the fact that she is Silco’s loyal lieutenant.

So in this article, we have compiled everything we know about Sevika in Arcane. Before we move ahead, you might want to take a look at other new characters in the show:

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League of Legends Arcane | Jayce’s Journal: Council Archives Trailer

League of Legends Arcane | Jayce’s Journal: Council Archives Trailer

Sevika in Arcane LoL

Sevika in Arcane

Sevika is a resident of the undercity known as Zaun. She is a strong woman who knows how to through a mean punch and carry out Silco’s illegal activities as well as his criminal organization.

The first time we see Sevika in Arcane, she has already pledged her loyalty to Silco as his sidekick. But before that, she used to work alongside Vander until he decided to abandon the path of violence against the topsiders of Piltover. Sevika didn’t agree with Vander’s reformed ideologies and she decided to work for Silco because he still wanted revenge against Piltover and the council members.

Sevika is a criminal from Zaun but her character is known for her unfaltering loyalty which proves on numerous occasions.

In Act 1 when Jinx sets off a gemstone bomb, Sevika protects Silco using her own body as a shield which results in the loss of an arm. But Silco gets her a new mechanical arm that runs on Shimmer as fuel and gives her monstrous strength.

We get to see her act of loyalty once again in Act 3 when she pretends to assassinate Silco but kills off his enemies instead by luring them in.

Does Sevika Die In Arcane?

In the final episode of Arcane Season 1, Sevika and Vi engage in a fistfight which goes on for quite some time. Eventually, Vi smashes Sevika’s mechanical arm and she’s seen lying upside down with a ripped arm leaking Shimmer.

One might assume that Sevika is dead but I don’t think she’s dead. Sevika’s character is a resilient one and even though she might be in a critical condition after taking Vi’s punches, one can expect her to return in the next season of Arcane.

Is Sevika Singed’s Daughter?

There is no concrete evidence that proves Sevika is Singed’s daughter but there is a theory that Sevika might be related to Singed.

There are two scenes in particular that can be taken as a hint for the connection between Sevika and Singed. The first is when Silco tries to go ahead and find Jinx, but Sevika asks Silco to wait patiently for Jinx to return. Her dialogue goes something like this, “Let’s just say I didn’t always see eye-to-eye with my old man….She’ll come to you when she’s ready.”

The lines above suggest that Sevika has a difficult relationship with her father. In the next episode, when Silco pays him a visit seeking his help to save Jinx’s life, Singed indicates that he has a daughter and he understands the difficult love between a father and his daughter. He says, “I, too, once had a daughter.”

Right after Singed utters those words, we see Sevika in the next scene where she is struggling to fix her Shimmer-powered mechanical arm.

Now the lines said by Singed don’t exactly imply that Sevika is his daughter. But the fact that both of them hint towards a troubled father-daughter relationship and that they are shown one after another might just be a hidden clue towards their relation. Or it could be just reading too much between the lines. But as a theory, this angle is worth looking into.

Sevika Voice Actor In Arcane

Amirah Vann is the voice actor for Sevika in Arcane League of Legends. She is best known for playing attorney Tegan Price in How to Get Away with Murder.

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