Who Is The Main Villain In Loki series? Is It Lady Loki? - Episode 1 Predictions, Spoilers

SPOILERS: The hero is the villain but is the villain also the hero in the series? Man...

The Head of Marvel Studios says Loki will have “more impact on the MCU than any of the shows thus far”. Yet here we are, which brings us to the question – who is the main villain in Loki?

Disney+ just dropped the first episode for Loki, and it was everything and nothing you would’ve expected.

The Time Variance Authority is introduced in the MCU with what they’re up to. We also get to see Tom Hiddleston’s Loki figuratively (and literally) bare.

We also have a strong hint/reveal of who the main villain in Loki is. In the first episode itself. Read more to find out but remember that we have SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THE FIRST EPISODE OF LOKI.

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Marvel Studios’ Loki | Official Trailer | Disney+

Marvel Studios’ Loki | Official Trailer | Disney+

What We Learn From Loki‘s First Episode

The “Loki variant” that disrupts the proper flow of time in Avengers: Endgame is introduced.

The episode also introduces us to Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius, an eccentric bureaucrat who doesn’t mind the risky plays. Much to the chagrin of the rest of the TVA’s members, however.

He fights to utilize this Loki variant for the proper flow of time as the time keepers intended. In return, Loki doesn’t comply to the “baseless” idea of how any of his choices were completely intended.

Unable to come to terms with his inconsequential choices, he fights back with his mischievous ways. However, he learns that a desk attendant at the TVA uses Infinity Stones as paperweight (I’m not making this up). He looks to come to terms with the TVA and tries to understand his place with Agent Mobius.

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He returns to Agent Mobius to figure out his path in destiny that is now irretrievably changed, but desires to make the most of it anyway. Then again, this is the God of Mischief we are talking about.

Oh, and also, they have a clever (but fictional) answer to the D.B. Cooper incident that took place in November 1971 in America.

Who Is The Main Villain In Loki?

After Loki makes his reconciliation with the power of the Time Keepers, he looks to understand his role in the entire play of time that now stands disrupted.

Towards the start of the episode, Agent Mobius is seen talking to a child in front of a Cathedral Glass. Since it was a part of the promotions, many fans speculated the addition of Mephisto in the MCU as the main villain for the series. However, Marvel has categorically denied that, thus putting the speculation at rest.

Nevertheless, the biggest hint (which is pretty much also a direct indication) comes towards the tail-end of the series. At the end, when Loki asks how exactly is he of value to the TVA, Agent Mobius reveals that the variant they are chasing is “a” Loki himself.

We are then taken either to a possible flashback or a situation being played out in that time-frame where 4 of the TVA’s on-ground agents are taken out by a child. It is safe to assume that the child is “a” Loki himself playing around the loose ends of the TVA. It is also likely that the child towards the end is the child talking in front of the Cathedral Glass of the Devil, and that the chewing gum he ate was gifted by a Loki looking to take over him.

Another interesting take would be that the Loki variant they are hunting down is Lady Loki itself. The first episode shows Loki’s sex as fluid which furthers this possibility, not to forget that the promotions explicitly mentioned that as well.

So, Who Is Lady Loki And Is She The Villain?

Lady Loki is played by the actress Sophia Di Martino. So far, episode 1 doesn’t reveal a lot about her. However, the final few moments of the episode that hint towards the Loki could be her.

The promotions received extensive popularity for showcasing her as part of the series. This certainly adds a lot to how the entire show could break away from what we’ve seen in the MCU so far. The Head Writer of the show said:

As for Lady Loki, remember the toxic-romance Black List screenplay that first got Waldron in the door at Marvel. Loki’s cinematic journey has been so tied up in his relationship with his brother, Thor, that he’s never had an onscreen love interest. Waldron, who still aspires to be Nora Ephron, says there certainly are some love stories running through his season.

We could be in for a toxic-romance between the villain-turned-hero (?) and the villain-staying-villain!

What Other Villains Are Possible In Loki?

It is unlikely that Loki could feature another main villain given this hint/reveal in the first episode itself.

Nevertheless, from the promotions, it is also possible that a few others could feature as potential villains too. Since this series is going to have a massive impact on MCU, it is likely that traditional villains could return to the screen (rather, TV). Not to forget that numerous fights break out through the promotions thus adding many other interference/variants into the picture that Loki takes down.

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