Who Is The Mandalorian's Fennec Shand In The Bad Batch?

More Bounty Hunters are....ALWAYS GOOD.

Fennec Shand was teased way before the first episode of The Bad Batch came out. With Episode 4, we finally get to see her in action.

Star Wars fans familiar with Disney+’s hit series The Mandalorian would probably have no trouble remembering Fennec Shand.

For those tuning in to The Bad Batch without checking out The Mandalorian, here’s quick rundown of what Fennec Shand and her storyline.

Beware of spoilers, you have been warned.

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch | Official Trailer | Disney+

Star Wars: The Bad Batch | Official Trailer | Disney+

Who Is Fennec Shand?

Fennec Shand is a human female assassin working as an elite mercenary during the rise of the Galactic Empire. She worked for many top crime syndicates such as the Hutt Clan.

She believes in prioritising personal survival over all while working as a bounty hunter and ensured that through her all her dealings. Despite being a mercenary and a bounty hunter, she conducted herself with honour and gratitude.

What Does Fennec Shand Do In The Mandalorian?

Fennec Shand first appears in The Mandalorian in Episode 5 of the first season. She’s first introduced as a bounty target for Toro Calican, who the Mandalorian a.k.a Din Djarin recognises and offers to help him.

During this time, Fennec Shand was on the run after the New Republic locked up her employers. She ended up at Tatooine where the duo tracked her down. After a brief encounter, Din Djarin forces her to surrender. While he goes to look for a dewback and Calican guards Shand, she tries to turn him against the Mandalorian. But he ends up shooting her dead.

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Her Connection With Boba Fett And Baby Yoda

Fennec Shand is eventually discovered by Boba Fett who saves her life with cybernetics. To repay her debt, she works as his partner. After a fight with Moff Gideon’s Imperial Remnant, they agree to aid the Mandalorian in rescuing Grogu, or Baby Yoda.

They later attack Moff Gideon on his cruiser and capture him attempting to rescue Grogu. Dark Troopers return trying to take them down until a Jedi searching for Grogu arrives and rescues them. He later reveals himself as Luke Skywalker and takes Grogu from Djarin to train him in the Force.

Fett and Fennec Shand return to Tatooine and take control of Jabba’s Palace where she stands by the bounty hunter as they become the new rulers.

Fennec Shand And The Bad Batch

Fennec Shand runs into Clone Force 99, or The Bad Batch, during her time as a bounty hunter when the Galactic Empire was on a rise. Introduced as a bounty hunter itself in Episode 4 of The Bad Batch, Fennec Shand is looking for her target, Omega.

Fennec Shand and her inclusion in The Bad Batch was teased back in May itself. We learnt that a younger version of Fennec Shand would get involved with The Bad Batch, and Episode 4 includes stand-offs between her and the squad as she looks for Omega.

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