Who Is Vander In Arcane League of Legends? Character and Voice Actor Explained

Could Vander be Warwick?

November 7, 2021

The much anticipated animated series of League of Legends titled Arcane is finally out on Netflix and fans are eager to know more about some of the new characters such as Vander.

The story of Arcane is set in the utopian Piltover and the oppressed underground city of Zaun. Delving deeper into the story, we get to see the origins of the two iconic League champions Vi and Jinx (initially known as Powder), and the power that will tear them apart.

The character of Vander in Arcane is quite important to both Vi and Powder so we shall talk more about him in this article. But before we dive into it, here’s a fair warning: Spoilers ahead!

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Arcane: Animated Series | A Score To Settle

Arcane: Animated Series | A Score To Settle

Vander In LoL Arcane

Vander is the owner of a bar called The Last Drop in the underground place Zaun. He is also a leader who secretly maintains peace and order in the town which is full of rogues and crooks.

Very early in the story the two characters Vi and Powder are orphaned and taken in by Vander who acts like a fatherly figure in their lives. He not only takes care of the sister duo but also other orphaned kids named Mylo and Claggor. This suggests that he is a kind and responsible man but as the story unfolds, we get to know that Vander was quite different in the past.

Years ago, Vander led an uprising against the elites of Piltover back when he believed that violence could change things. But the revolt ended horribly and the lives of several Zaun dwellers were lost including Vi and Powder’s parents.

This incident fills him with guilt and also changes his outlook on life. After that, he chooses to use non-violent methods like diplomacy and negotiations with the enforcers of Piltover to maintain peace.

But this peaceful period didn’t last long for Vander or the people of Zaun after Vi and other kids pull a heist that provokes the upper echelons of Piltover. The council demands the culprit to be found at any cost causing the enforcers to raid the underground city of Zaun.

Among this chaos, Vander’s old comrade-turned-enemy named Silco decides to exact revenge on the former for abandoning the latter during the uprising. Hence, Silco abducts Vander to conduct experiments on him but the kids try to free him. However, things go south and Vander ends up getting stabbed by Silco. So he consumes Silco’s experimental serum (that turns people into monsters).

Eventually, Vander manages to defeat Silco’s underlings, but he gets hit by another explosion while saving Vi. After falling on the ground, he asks Vi to take care of Powder and appears dead as the glowing serum fades in his body and eyes.

Is Vander Warwick?

While the character of Vander is new and hasn’t been seen before in League of Legends, fans are speculating that Vander is actually Warwick before he takes the beastly form.

There are a few hints that suggest that Vander could be Warwick. First of all, Vander’s appearance after taking the serum reminds us of Warwick but it isn’t exactly the same. That is because Warwick’s lore suggests that he underwent an awful amount of experiments to become the beast he is.

So, it’s quite possible that Vander isn’t exactly dead and he might undergo more experiments before transforming into Warwick.

Another major hint can be found in Warwick’s lore:

“Though many think of Warwick as no more than a beast, buried beneath the fury lies the mind of a man—a gangster who put down his blade and took up a new name to live a better life. But no matter how hard he tried to move on, he could never escape the sins of his past.”

The lines mentioned above sounds like Vander’s story so far. Besides this, the lore also mentions a “little girl” in Warwick’s blurry memories which can be tied to Vi or Powder, given that he had fatherly feelings for them.

Putting all the clues together, there is a pretty good chance that Vander is Warwick and it might get revealed later in the story.

Who is the voice actor of Vander in League of Legends Arcane?

The character of Vander in Arcane has been voiced by Jean-Benoît Blanc. He is a French actor and director who has worked on animations and video games.

He has done voice-overs for popular video games such as Apex Legends, Assassin’s Creed, and anime such as DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Bleach, and more.

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