Who Saved Jayce and His Mother in Arcane?

League of Legends player have some idea about the Wizard's identity.

November 7, 2021

After watching Act 1 of Arcane on Netflix, many fans wonder who exactly saved Jayce and his mother from the storm in Freljord. Well, even though the character’s identity is still unknown, there are some theories around it on the internet.

After a long wait, Act 1 of Riot’s Arcane is available for everyone to watch. The first Act of the anime series featured three great episodes and introduced several League of Legends characters.

In the first episode, we saw Vi, Powder, Milo, Claggor, Silco, and last but not least, Vander. The story kicks off with Vi and other children breaking into a science lab to steal expensive equipment. While the group could gather everything in the bags, Powder stumbles upon some blue crystals. Due to being in a hurry to escape, she drops one of these mysterious crystals, which causes an explosion in the lab. Then, in the second episode, we find out that those crystals belonged to Jayce.

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Arcane | Final Trailer | Netflix

Arcane | Final Trailer | Netflix

After an entire building explodes, The Council finds out about Jayce’s unauthorized experiments. It turns out that Jayce was trying to create magic using the crystals.

Then, in flashback, we see Jayce and his mother stuck in a deadly storm in Freljord. Jayce sees his mother on the brink of collapse and screams out for help. Finally, a wizard appears before them and uses the magic to teleport Jayce and his mother to safety. Jayce asks the wizard how he was able to do this, and in reply, this mysterious man gives him a used crystal.

Who Saved Jayce in Arcane?

At this point, it becomes that magic saved Jayce and his mother, and that was the motivation behind Jayce’s experiments. However, there’s still one thing that is unclear, who was the wizard that saved Jayce all those years back?

The wizard’s identity is kept a secret in the show for now; however, several League of Legends fans believe that it was Ryze who saved Jayce and his mother in episode 2.

In League of Legends, Ryze is a powerful sorcerer who is on a mission to collect World Runes. These artifacts are basically fragments of powerful magic. World Runes can shape the world beautifully; however, they can also be used as dangerous weapons. When he was a child, Ryze witnessed the destructive power of these artifacts during the Rune Wars. He saw his childhood home turning to nothing but dust. Now, Ryze bears the burden of preventing the past from repeating itself, so he travels around the world to retrieve World Runes.

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