Who Voices Steve Rogers / Hydra Stomper in What If...? Is it Chris Evans?

It sure sounds like Cap.

By Jo Craig

August 11, 2021

Marvel’s What If…? has landed on Disney+ for a bit of fun in alternate realities. Episode 1 is kicking off with the spotlight on Peggy Carter, who becomes Captain Carter after taking the soldier serum previously given to Steve Rogers.

The animated series will welcome back a host of familiar actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Sebastian Stan, Brie Larson and Hayley Atwell, who returns to voice Peggy to lead the show’s first episode.

Marvel Studios’ What If…? | Official Trailer | Disney+

Marvel Studios’ What If…? | Official Trailer | Disney+

Does Chris Evans Voice Steve Rogers and The Hydra Stomper in What If…?

  • No, Chris Evans does not voice Steve Rogers and The Hydra Stomper in What If…?.

At the start of the month, Marvel released a short clip of Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers reuniting on the battlefield, except Steve was inside a new, Iron Man-styled suit of armor called The Hydra Stomper – an apt name for Steve’s war machine. As soon as the clip dropped, fans were convinced that Chris Evans had returned to voice the character we all know and love. Sadly, Evans was not part of the project.

Marvel remained tight-lipped regarding Steve Rogers’ voice actor, however many fans believed it was the voice of Josh Keaton behind Steve and The Hydra Stomper. Reddit and Twitter users were convinced that it was Keaton’s voice, however many Marvel fans couldn’t get over the actor’s similarity to Evans’ voice.

IGN then confirmed that Keaton was indeed Steve’s voice actor in a review of What If…? episode 1, which fans were delighted with.

Meet Josh Keaton

Josh Keaton is an American voice actor and musician with a number of credentials in his voice acting portfolio. Keaton is known for voicing Peter Parker in The CW’s The Spectacular Spider-Man, as well as other characters in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Millennials may also recognize him as the voice of adolescent Hercules in the classic Disney animation.

Back in April, fans began discussing an image of a LEGO Marvel Minifigure, which was called ‘Spider-Man (Steve Rogers).’ Theories started to circulate about whether What If…? would introduce Steve as a new Spider-Man variant, which fans believe would tie in nicely with Keaton’s involvement in the show.

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