Who Wants a $70 Piece of Plastic? Nintendo Wii Owners Surely

Who Wants a $70 Piece of Plastic? Nintendo Wii Owners Surely


Well I hate to break it to you but the headline was pretty much exactly what this article is about. There is huge anticipation for a remake of one of the most popular games to ever hit a Nintendo platform incoming. If you haven’t heard I’ll just tell you one word, GoldenEye. The name alone brings chills to gamers worldwide who haven’t had a proper fix of the addictive title in years.

Taking a page from Capcom’s recently revealed strategy book, so to speak, Activision is said to be putting forth a “controller” for the Nintendo Wii which will be launched with the 007: GoldenEye remake. This peripheral is already listed by the quick-trigger bandits at GameStop for a whopping $69.99 before tax.

There’s a chance it could be something super special, it could also be a bundle of the game and a controller, it could even end up being worth loads of antique collectible money some day. There is also the chance it is simply a piece of plastic you plug your Wii controller in to like we’ve seen time and time again. For now this is slated as rumor until more details emerge, whether or not this will be worth the cheddar is up to you though.