Who Won Minecraft Championship 16? - MCC 16 Results & Winners

Here are your new Minecraft Champions!

By Kyle Knight

August 28, 2021

The latest Minecraft Championship Event (MCC 16) is officially a wrap, and we have our newly crowned championship winners.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to watch MCC 16 live, then be warned that this article contains spoilers for the winners of the event and which teams won per round.

But don’t worry if you want to watch the full event back, MCC 16 is available to replay on the official Noxcrew Twitch Channel. The organizers of the event live-streamed the whole thing so fans could witness all the action unfold.

But if you’re just eager to know the results and winners of MCC 16, here’s everything you need to know.

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MC Championship – Official Trailer

MC Championship – Official Trailer

Minecraft Championship 16 (MCC 16) Winners

The Pink Parrots and the Purple Pandas went head-to-head in the Dodgebolt finale, and the Pink Parrots came out on top to become your MCC 16 Winners! The finale came down to the Pink Parrots leading 2 to 1 until they ultimately took the win when they made it 3-1 in the final round.

The Pink Parrots consisted of Dream, F1nn5ter, BadBoyHalo, and Seapeekay.

Minecraft Championship 16 (MCC 16) Round Results

If you missed some, or all, of the MCC 16 action, then check out all of the round results below. A total of 9 rounds were played during the event, each consisting of a different game mode.

  • Round 1 = Grid Runners
    • Winners = Lime Llamas
  • Round 2 = Sky Battle
    • Winners = Lime Llamas
  • Round 3 = Parkour Tag
    • Winners = Cyan Creepers
  • Round 4 = TGTTOSAWAF
    • Winners = Pink Parrots
  • Round 5 = Survival Games
    • Winners = Purple Pandas
  • Round 6 = Ace Race
    • Winners = Pink Parrots
  • Round 7 = Build Mart
    • Winners = Purple Pandas
  • Round 8 = Sands of Time
    • Winners = Yellow Yaks
  • Round 9 (FINALE) Purple Pandas vs. Pink Parrots = Dodgebolt
    • Winners= Pink Parrots

To find out the full scores, head to the official MCC Live tracking website.

When Is The Next Minecraft Championship Event?

Unfortunately, the event organizers haven’t revealed when MCC 17 will take place. But, based on the time gap between the last two events, the next Minecraft Championships will likely take place at the end of September.

Make sure to stay up to date with all of the latest Minecraft Championship news by heading to their official Twitter account.

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