Who Won The Minecraft Championship 2021? - MCC 14 Results, Winners, and Scores

The Minecraft Championship has crowned their 2021 winners!

The new Minecraft Champions have officially been crowned! MCC 14 took place yesterday (May 29) and there was plenty of action, but who won the MCC 2021?

For those that might have missed the big Minecraft event, DualShockers have got everything you need to know about what went down at MCC 14, including the winners and the final scores.

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Minecraft Dungeons: Hidden Depths – Official Launch Trailer

Minecraft Dungeons: Hidden Depths – Official Launch Trailer

Minecraft Championship 14 Winners

If you’re only interested in who were the big winners of the latest MCC Event, we’ll cut right to the chase. The winners of MCC 14 are the Aqua Axolotls!

The team consisted of Wisp, Smajor, HBomb94, and Solidarity. The winners went into the finale in second place but managed to secure the victory by winning the ‘Dodgebolt’ finale mode.

Minecraft Championship 14 Round Results

If you missed all of the latest Minecraft action, you can check out all of the rounds and their results below.

  • Round 1 = Big Sales At Built Mart
    • Winners = Yellow Yaks
  • Round 2 = TGTTOSAWAF
    • Winners = Pink Parrots
  • Round 3 = Sky Battle
    • Winners = Blue Bats
  • Round 4 = Survival Games
    • Winners = Red Rabbits
  • Round 5 = Hole In The Wall
    • Winners = Aqua Axolotls
  • Round 6 = Ace Race
    • Winners = Yellow Yaks
  • Round 7 = Battle Box
    • Blue Bats
  • Round 8 = Parkour Tag
    • Winners = Yellow Yaks
  • Round 9 (Finale) = Dodgebolt
    • Winners = Aqua Axolotls

Minecraft Championship 14 Scores

The Aqua Axolotls managed to pick up a 3-1 win when they went into the final round of Dodgebolt, but before they secured the win, the scores going into the finale were as follows:

  • Blue Bats = 21,528 Points
  • Aqua Axolotls = 20,218 Points
  • Purple Pandas = 19,833 Points
  • Red Rabbits = 17,882 Points
  • Yellow Yaks = 17,504 Points
  • Pink Parrots = 15,566 Points
  • Green Guardians = 15,252 Points
  • Orange Ocelots = 15,093 Points
  • Cyan Creepers = 13,730 Points
  • Lime Llamas = 13,523 Points

Now that you know who won the MCC 2021, you’re probably wondering when the next MCC event will kick-off? Well, unfortunately, the creators behind the event, Noxcrew, are yet to confirm the date for MCC 15. Expect it to be a few months away as the gap between MCC 13 and 14 was a 5-month wait.

Thanks to GamePur for originally listing the results and points.

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