Why Apex Legends Needs More of a Legend Choice

Who is your legend choice?

By Dom Bancey

September 17, 2021

Apex Legends currently gives you a legend choice before a game begins. However, if one of your teammates chooses that legend, you are given another one at random. What could be a possible fix to this?

Each legend in Apex possesses different tactical and ultimate abilities which then affect one’s gameplay. Experienced players tend to have one specific legend that is their ‘go-to’ in-game. A few may have a second or even third choice, just in case or simply to switch up their gameplay.

Personally, I’m more of an Octane fan, however, I used to play around with Bangalore in the earlier seasons. As of recently, I have begun playing a few games with Wattson and surprisingly having fun. What led to me deciding to try a new legend, however, is the lack of a system provided by the developers.

Meet Seer | Apex Legends Character Trailer

Meet Seer | Apex Legends Character Trailer

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In the lobby, the last legend that was chosen is the one that would be given automatically in-game. Oftentimes, players will look away during the legend choice screen as they expect to get their first pick.

Unfortunately, if you are second or third in line to choose a legend, you are placed at a disadvantage. However, if they could implement a system in the lobby so that you could select your top three legends you would like to use, then there would be no worry.

Currently, if the legend of your choice has been chosen, the system gives you one at random. This not only puts you at a disadvantage of losing your first pick, but it can also throw you off your game as at times you may receive a legend you are least familiar with. This makes it not as fun to play that match anymore, especially if you’re in Ranked Leagues and trying to earn Ranked Points (RP).


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If a system like this was implemented in Apex Legends, it would surely be a beneficial one. Many fans of the game have consistently complained about being given a legend they have little to no knowledge about due to the game’s current system.

Though you are able to choose a legend from the legend screen, sometimes this screen glitches and you don’t even know what legend you have until the game begins. Reddit user, dsimxo, actually made a post about this around a year ago stating that having a primary, secondary, tertiary, and random legend option is something they would be interested in seeing in the game.

Do you think this is something they would be willing to implement and do you think the system needs to be changed up?

Apex Legends is free-to-play on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

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