Why Did Disguised Toast Ban from Twitch During His Latest Stream?

It wasn't a heartwarming "welcome back" from Twitch.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

April 25, 2021

Twitch will not show mercy to violation of its rules and guidelines as proven many times. The latest example was last night when Disguised Toast banned by Twitch after a long-time returnal to the platform.

Recently, the number of Twitch bans, especially for well-known content creators, has been increased, implying one important fact about the platform that it wouldn’t sacrifice its guidelines for more views and revenue.

Although sometimes the Twitch guidelines become too restrictive and conservative, there’s no way other than obeying the rules and keeping the content inside the determined framework.

Why Disguised Toast Banned from Twitch

Most recently, Twitch banned one of its old members who mainly streams on Facebook Gaming now. Disguised Toast banned from Twitch last night during a new stream on Twitch after a while.

The streamer’s return to the older platform was accompanied by a huge reception from the fans that led to a peak moment of 40,000 viewers during the stream.

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That being said, the aftermath of the stream was not so welcoming. Disguised Toast banned from Twitch soon after his stream, which was apparently for an offensive slur used in one of his PUBG compilation videos that were shown during his stream.

Hopefully, the ban wouldn’t long more than a few days, but this might be another reason for the content creator not to return to Twitch once again.

Disguised Toast won’t be able to stream any games in the next few days on Twitch, which means if there’s going to be anything new from him, it will definitely happen on his Facebook Gaming account.

Twitch is a free platform on which people can stream video games and other fun content. Twitch’s Just Chatting category has been one of the most-watched sections of the platform over the last few months.

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