Why does Roblox tag chat messages as hashtags in the game?

Here is why Roblox tags chat messages.

Roblox’s popularity has grown considerably over the years and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. There is a wide range of Roblox games across different genres, and they allow players to do a variety of things ranging from adopting pets to playing as their favorite anime characters.

Roblox is widely played by people of different ages, and most of the players playing the game, play it with their friends. Like many other games, communication is the key in Roblox and many players are eagerly waiting for the voice chat feature to arrive in the game. However, until that arrives, players have to use the text chat.

Why does Roblox tag chat messages as hashtags in the game?

Many times while using the text chat, players notice that their messages are tagged as hashtags in the game. This is quite annoying for the players as they are not able to convey the message are trying to tell their friends. Users often wonder if it’s due to some issue that their messages are getting tagged or the game is designed that way itself.

If you are seeing your messages getting tagged, it means that you are using foul language in your messages. Roblox has a young playerbase and it does have a lot of measures in place to ensure that players are not exposed to any kind of inappropriate content. Do note that these tags only appear if you are aged under 13 or below. For players above that age, these restrictions don’t apply and you will be able to see all messages without any issues whatsoever.

When is voice chat coming to Roblox?

Many players are wondering when voice chat will be coming to Roblox. The good news is Roblox Corp. has confirmed that voice chat will indeed be coming to the game. However, the date for the same hasn’t been announced.

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