Why Gamers Have a Bad Image

Why Gamers Have a Bad Image

Stephen Totilo recently posted up a video from QuakeCon that showed a contest of some sort where three gamers were challenged to put clothes pins on their skin. The stereotype of grungy gamers with pale skin was in full affect and I am still very unclear who actually won or what the point of the contest was. Why did we need to have them take their shirts off and then have them jump??!! It seemed to me that the organizers were shooting from the hip here. There were some pretty funny random comments coming from off camera begging for the ladies on stage to jump instead of the contestants, listen carefully to catch them.

Stephen you have set gamers back 20 years with this video, may god have mercy on our souls. (I kid) Enjoy!

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  1. Hell, it beats the World-of-Warcraft-esque twenty-something obese male who’s main hobbies are eating Cheetos and organising raids over Teamspeak pretence of gamers. At least we know how to have fun, right guys?

    -Attaches pegs to some of the more delicate parts of his body-