Why Has Joogsquad Removed All Of His YouTube Videos?

Why Has Joogsquad Removed All Of His YouTube Videos?

He states he didn't "have a choice".

Jack ‘Joogsquad’ Tenney, the popular American Youtube vlogger has been forced to remove all of his uploaded videos. On February 17, Joogsquad put out a tweet stating that YouTube gave him no other choice but to remove all of his content from his channel. Many fans are definitely going to be disappointed by the news. The popular vlogger had built a large community, which spread across his two YouTube channels.

You can read Jack’s tweet about the content removal below.

Who Is Joogsquad?

Jack Tenney is the older brother of Fortnite superstar, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney. He joined YouTube back in 2007 and has amassed more than five million subscribers on his main channel. Unlike his brother, he doesn’t upload gaming content to his YouTube channel. Instead, Jack uploads challenge videos, vlogs, and sports videos.

Why Has Joogsquad Removed His YouTube Videos?

There’s currently no official statement from YouTube or Jack on the exact reasoning behind the content removal. However, the wording of Jack’s tweet does indicate that there must have been a solid reason as he states “I really don’t have a choice”.

It’s possible that this situation relates back to a recent prank video. Only a few weeks ago, Jack and his friends were arrested for changing a Hollywood sign to “Hollyboob”. The situations could be unrelated, but if there’s an ongoing police investigation then YouTube may have had no choice.

It is more than likely that this is a simple dispute between Jack and YouTube after a follow-up tweet from the vlogger says:

What Happens Next?

As of writing, visiting the JOOGSQUAD PPJT channel still greets you with an empty video section. It’s unclear right now if and when Jack will be able to re-upload his older content and create new videos. But it is worth noting that Jack’s tweet does state that the removal is temporary. Fans will need to keep an eye on Jack’s YouTube and Twitter to find out if his content will be re-uploaded.