Why Has Sodapoppin Quit The GTA No Pixel RP Server?

Here's why Sodapoppin has left the No Pixel Server.

There’s been a lot of drama surrounding the GTA No Pixel RP server recently. First, streamer and personality xQc was banned from the server after a big disagreement with player Summit and now, one of the server’s biggest names, Sodapoppin has just quit.

What is GTA RP?

Within GTA, there is a range of servers that allow players to Roleplay as a different character. Players need to install select mods but in doing so, will be able to create a character of their own desire. Players can assume the role of business owners, nightclub workers, crime bosses and so much more.

It offers something a lot different from the traditional Grand Theft Auto experience and can be a really fun and interesting way to get engrossed in that world. It also offers something interesting to watch for those viewing their favourite creator’s streams.

Who is Sodapoppin and what is his history on the GTA No Pixel Server.

The No Pixel server is arguably the biggest and most well-known GTA RP server and one of the most long-standing and easily recognised names on that server is Sodapoppin.

Sodapoppin, real name Chance Morris, played a character with the wonderful name Kevin Whipaloo. Morris/Whipaloo is an all-round business mogul, owning Burger Shot and Marlowe Vineyard, as well as managing Diamond Resort and Casino. His backstory involves a child with a sex worker and some serious gang affiliations.

As for Sodapoppin, he’s been part of the server for a while, playing Whipaloo for just under two years now. He streams to an audience of 5.9 million followers on Twitch and has a YouTube channel with over one million subscribers.

Why has he quit the server?

So, while he hasn’t quit the server permanently, he’s “taking a break” and will be coming back when he “feels like it.” In a Just Chatting stream on Twitch, Morris stated that “It’s too much, it’s just too much.”

He added that him leaving the server was nothing to do with the devs and instead “The fault is mainly on me – I simply put myself in a position of serious obligations. It got overwhelming to the point where I don’t enjoy it anymore, I overestimated myself, and I don’t like it anymore.”

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