Why Heroes’ Paradise is PlayStation 3 Exclusive

Why Heroes’ Paradise is PlayStation 3 Exclusive


One of Suda 51’s latest creations, No More Heroes has made a mark for itself with its rather bloody and comical way of sending players through the Hell it takes to be number one. But what made the game stick out, even if it was a little bit? The fact that a game of this “nerdgasm” caliber would end up on the Wii. Now, two years later, No More Heroes has announced making the leap from being a Wii exclusive title to the PlayStation market.

Of this has raised some questions; namely “why isn’t the game going to the 360?” A recent interview GameSugar had with Konami’s Tak Fuji went into detail as to why this decision was made, among other things:

“By having the PlayStation Move controller, it’s much easier to keep the interaction true to the original, so going to the PS3 was a pretty natural choice. We have, and are still, tossing around ideas for linking NMH with the Kinect for Xbox 360 gamers, but since the Kinect is such a unique device, it’s a bit more difficult. This isn’t to say that the Kinect is a poor interface by any means, but more that in its uniqueness it requires a bit more care and planning to bring Travis to the Xbox 360. So if we were to do so, we’d need more time.”

Aside from the exclusivity, the game will also have some added content, namely additional bosses that were in No More Heroes 2. So when the game comes out, expect to have a pretty meaty game waiting for you to play.