Why Is Roblox Not Working? How To Fix It? [7 Working Methods In 2021]

A quick guide to solve Roblox issues.

June 17, 2021

Roblox is one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world today. It is not a game, but a storefront where users go to play games made by other developers.

While users can play and create hundreds of creative games, it does get frustrating when Roblox is not working at times. This is why we have created this guide to help you resolve such issues.

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7 Ways To Fix Roblox Not Working Issue [2021 Edition]

Every once in a while, players report that Roblox is not working for them. So here is a potential list of solution that explains why such problems occur and how to resolve them:

1. Restart The App Or PC

Sometimes simply restarting the Roblox app can fix the issue. You can do so via Task Manager. If this doesn’t help, restart your PC.


2. Server Issue

Quite often, the issue doesn’t lie on your end; rather it’s the game servers that are to be blamed because either Roblox servers are down or under maintenance.

For that you can check the official Status Page to find if Roblox is down. If everything is operational there, you should check on Down Dectector whether other people are also facing the same issue.

If it’s indeed a server issue, there is nothing much you can do apart from waiting patiently to hear something on the company’s social media account.

3. Check Firewall Settings

The firewall settings on your PC take precautionary measures to make sure it doesn’t fall victim to malicious software. However, sometimes it can identify certain apps like Roblox as a threat and prevent them from gaining access to your network.

To solve this issue, you will have to grant necessary permissions to Roblox app to make it work again. You can do this by visiting Firewall programs on the Control Panel on your Windows PC. Next, check the Program Permissions menu and try locating Roblox on it. Then approve the internet access for the app and restart it.

4. Disable Antivirus

It’s 2021, so you probably have an antivirus on your PC. Just like the Firewall settings, this antivirus software could be blocking Roblox on your device. A quick fix for such issues is disabling the antivirus while using Roblox.

You can also grant permissions in the antivirus software to whitelist the app so it never gets blocked again.

5. Check Security Settings On Browser

Every browser has Security Settings to keep you safe while browsing on the internet. If you access Roblox on the browser and it stops working, there are chances that the problem lies in its Security Settings — which is blocking it.

So, you need to make sure that settings are not set on High or that Roblox is within the browser’s trusted site list. To change these settings you can visit Security Settings and adjust it accordingly.

6. Check Your Web Browser’s Add-Ons

Smetimes Roblox does not work on the browser due to third-party Add-Ons, commonly knowns as Extensions or Plugins. So try disabling all of your extensions. If the issue resolves, try re-enabling them one at a time until the issue pops up again.

This will help you identify the one extension that is incompatible with Roblox. You will have to disable or remove this particular extension for using Roblox.

Here are some links that will guide you on how to do it on popular web browsers:

For other browsers, check their website support pages.

5. Clear the Temporary Internet Files (Cache) and Cookies

For Browser

Clearing your browser’s temporary internet files helps with any corruption issues that might have occurred. You can use the following links to remove the temporary internet files (also known as Cache) and cookies for the major PC web browsers. 

If you are using a different browser or an older version of a browser, please check how to delete cache/browser data/temporary internet files for your specific browser/version.

Once you have completed the above, restart your computer and see if your issue has resolved.

For PC

You can manually delete your Internet Explorer/Windows Temporary Internet Files. For that, please refer to this support page.

6. Reset Your Browser

Resetting the browser can also solve the problem you are facing in Roblox. Here is how to do it for Google Chrome:

Launch Google Chrome > Click the three-dot icon > Settings > Advanced > Reset and Clean Up > Restore settings to their original defaults

For other browsers, you can check the steps on your specific browser website.

7. Uninstall and Reinstall Roblox

If any of the above-mentioned methods do not work for you, then you can go for a reinstallation of the app or the browser in which you are using Roblox. After that try launching it once again. This method will overwrite the existing copy and replace any deleted or broken files. 

Continue Having Fun On Roblox In 2021

So this brings us to the end of this article. I hope these solutions will come in handy for you so try the methods mentioned above and at least one of them should be able to resolve the Roblox not working problem.

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