Why Isn't xQc Streaming? Twitch Star Announces Reason For Hiatus

The popular streamer hasn't streamed for 3 days now.

By Kyle Knight

July 13, 2021

It’s safe to say that xQc has become one of the biggest stars on Twitch, with almost 6 million followers on the streaming platform and over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

Fans were sent into a panic when xQc decided to take an unannounced hiatus from streaming, leaving many to wonder if the GTA RP streamer was okay. Although he hasn’t been live streaming over on Twitch, there are still frequent YouTube videos being uploaded to his YouTube channel.

xQc has since released a statement regarding his lack of streams, revealing to fans the reason for his sudden hiatus from the platform.

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Why Isn’t xQc Streaming?

For those that aren’t fans of xQc, it may seem strange to question such a short hiatus. However, fans of the streamer will know how dedicated he is to streaming daily on Twitch. So fans were rightly concerned for the star to go MIA all of a sudden.

xQc’s last stream was on the evening of Saturday, July 10th. He has not been seen on Twitch since.

On July 13th, xQc took to Twitter to announce the reason for his absence on Twitch. He stated that “everything is in disaray” and that he would not be going live again until he can make good streams.

He also goes on to state that “unpredictables keep stacking up”, as for what these unpredictables are, we can’t be too sure. However, we do know that the popular streamer lived with his girlfriend Adept, as well as fellow streamers Sodapoppin, Nmplol, and Malena.

Nmplol, otherwise known as Nick, has announced on Twitch that xQc is no longer living with them. This could be where the “unpredictables” are coming from, as many of us will know it can be quite stressful moving homes.

However, xQc hasn’t specifically stated that he is moving home nor that it is the reason for his Twitch absence. But, it seems highly likely. Especially considering the streamer had already indicated about moving back to Canada after constantly being swatted by police due to viewers calling in fake threats.

When Will He Return?

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing when xQc will return to streaming on Twitch. The only indication we have from xQc himself is that he needs “a little more time”.

How long that little more time is, we can’t be certain. It could be a few more days, or even up to another week or two. Fans are likely just pleased to hear from xQc and know he is safe and well.

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