Why N4G Will Soon Go The Way of the Dinosaur

Why N4G Will Soon Go The Way of the Dinosaur

In the past couple of years no other site has made a bigger impact in the gaming (news) community as News 4 Gamers (N4G). Being more of a news portal than a traditional gaming news site, in a very short time it has become the one-stop-shop for those in need of a gaming news fix. On it you’ll find news, previews, and editorials of gaming sites both large and small. From giant, corporate publications like IGN and 1UP. To the smaller, keeping-it-real blogs like Destructiod, Kotaku, and yours truly DualShockers. With all of the different gaming outlet’s stories and so much information on one page, it makes you wonder why it took so long for something like this to come about.

With so many sites out there, and the demand for gaming news rising at a rate what seems like every minute, it appears to be clear sailing for N4G and other gaming news portals like it. The questions are: How long will it be like that? What will loosen N4G’s grip of the gaming news community? The answer is that the next best thing is already here. This “N4G killer” usually has nothing to do with gaming and more with social networking and its name is … twitter.

I know what you’re thinking “yeah right, twitter is for stalking egotistical professional athletes and celebrities” and it is, but it’s also the ultimate way of staying on top of all of the latest gaming news. Just about every video game company on the planet is making or already has twitter accounts not just for their company, but individual titles as well. With their accounts constantly providing tasty morsels of information on a 24/7 basis, it’s a never-ending supply of gaming news. It’s isn’t like N4G (and other news portals) don’t get updates all day and night as well, it’s just that the information that comes in through twitter is not at the mercy of an overweight-living-in-his-parent’s-basement-never-felt-the-touch-of-a-woman-nothing-better-to-do-with-his-life-than-moderate-on-N4G-forum-troll.

This is not so much an attack on N4G’s moderation system, because for the most part it’s quite fair. The best example of positive moderation is when a story is reported for being a duplicate or having been previously posted. If someone beat’s you to the punch and posted a story first then you just have to cut your losses. However, when you put thought and effort into something original like an editorial piece just for it to be reported as “Lame” because the person moderating only likes articles about certain titles (because they aren’t real fans of gaming as whole) then the system needs changing.

With twitter, not only is that form of bullshit moderation non-existent but also all of the news is truly up-to-the-minute (or second rather). Being that this current want and need of instant gaming news information is at an all-time high with an end nowhere in sight, the evolution of news traveling through twitter is more of a logical step than anything else. Not only is it instant, but also you can choose who and what kind of news that you follow without all of the filler.

The temperature system in N4G is the coolest thing that they have going for them. The more views and discussion an article receives, the hotter it gets. The problem is that it’s quickly deemed null and void when you hit the page and the top story is usually a bias piece that all it did was manage to spark a fanboy war in it’s comments section.

Most of the time on N4G the people are arguing just for the sake of arguing, they read the headline or title of the article then decide whether or not to go to town in the comments section. On twitter no one will have to deal with it, unless of course they decide to follow the fanboy assholes as well. These are just some examples of how and why N4G (and sites like it) will soon go the way of the dinosaur and twitter will reign supreme. Now if you’ll please excuse me, I have to go send out some tweets.

8 responses to “Why N4G Will Soon Go The Way of the Dinosaur”

  1. I think the main problem with Twitter is, unless you are prepared to spend hours honing in on twitter users that are gamers and start following them, your news will only really syndicate to the number of followers you have, which means it’s an audience space that is very limited.

    If you have the time to spend networking via twitter, it’s a formulae that will work, but u also need to be careful not to have every app syndicated to your twitter either otherwise your followers will receieve updates from you constantly.

    Good article, but i feel the real thing that will kill N4G is it’s own community. The more and more flame bait articles they comment to the top, the lousier the journalism and the less interested those wanting to source real news will be.

  2. orakga says:

    I think an aggregation site like N4G should be treated exactly for what it is; an aggregation site.

    It links to other websites, and in most cases the websites are not turned down by the moderation system.

    That said, yes, the community is lame at times, but that’s only because it represents the gaming community as a whole. That’s how gamers are. Or rather, that’s how most kids in the teens and 20s are. Just accept it for what it is, and stick to using the site for news.

    If you are intelligent enough, you’ll know how to ignore the “community” there.

  3. orakga says:

    I forgot to add: TWITTER IS LAME.


  4. Orlandun says:

    The thing about twitter is that your stuck on one persons twitter page and you would still have to roam around to find the proper news. Sure N$g has some fanboyism in there but WHAT SITE DOESNT!? There will always be fanboys to screw up any reputable website. In every forum, on every comment section, in every dark corner of the internet. I don’t see myself or anyone i know going to twitter for the majority of their news. I will always use a site like N4G and my usual gaming sites like Kotaku to find the news I want. Sure stuff gets let out by twitter and that’s great! However, I severely doubt it will ever be the main way of finding gaming news.

  5. The article is pretty good. I can’t say, though, that N4G will be replaced by Twitter simply because N4G solely serves as one of the biggest gaming outlets for news in this industry. Saying that it will replace N4G is basically indicating that it will, sooner or later, kill off other news sites – like IGN, Eurogamer, Joystiq, etc. – because of its growing trend.

    Although Twitter can be great for posting *quick* updates, it’s not meant to carry the bigger loads that traditional websites perpetuate, like editorials, interviews, videos, and so on. Not to mention, and anyone can agree with this, that reading and searching through a list of unattractive Tweets will virtually become an annoyance as it is at the moment. Gamers searching for news don’t want to be enveloped in a sea of tweets they care nothing about; kind of like how Spam works with emails.

    Is Twitter an effective way to distribute news/updates on the go? Absolutely so. Will it replace N4G? At this rate, no. And that has a lot to do with the current limitations that Twitter offers for journalists/big-named sites. Twitter, as much as I try to use it, can be annoying at times. Maybe sometime in the future, if industry journalists and companies decide to abandon their current means of expression, Twitter will be huge. Social Networks usually tend to die off after a couple of years because something more appealing usually replaces it. The perfect example of this is MySpace – a once thriving community of teens and adults looking for ways to keep in contact; now, Facebook and Twitter have dimmed its once shining light.

    Good article.

  6. Peter says:

    Depends on the quality of the news and the speed in which it is published on N4G if N4G is first, everybody will still revisit the site to get their fix. Twitter comes secondary unless someone out their has the best and quickest fixes on a Twitter blog.

  7. pink puma says:

    Another website has posted an article defending N4G, in response to this one. Also I never use twitter, dont live with my parents and find no joy in bothering people online. N4G will stay for a long time and you know it. Were you bored when you wrote this?

  8. Nonscpo says:

    Wow was he wrong! All these years later and N4G is still around…Somehow.

    P.S. Anyone looking for an alternative site, check out:



    P.S.S. How am I still able to comment on an article from this far back?