Why Was Streamer GeorgeNotFound Banned From Twitch Twice in Two Days?

Here's why he was banned twice.

By Sam Woods

March 14, 2021

It looks like popular Twitch Streamer GeorgeNotFound has found himself in hot water twice over the past two days.

The streamer is no stranger to bans, having been banned from TikTok just last month “due to multiple community guidelines violations.”

Now, over the course of both Saturday and Sunday, this weekend, GerogeNotFound has had his alt Twitch account banned not once, but twice.

Here’s everything we know about the question: “Why was GeorgeNotFound banned from Twitch.”

Who is GeorgeNotFound?

GeorgeNotFound is an incredibly popular internet personality. He focuses his content around Minecraft and has built up a loyal following across plenty of online platforms.

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His YouTube channel alone has 6.5 Million subscribers, with his main Twitch channel having just shy of three million followers and his Twitter account having more than two million.

Why was GeorgeNotFound banned from Twitch on Saturday, March 13?

On Saturday, March 13, GeorgeNotFound tweeted that his alt Twitch account had been banned.

According to Twitch, the ban was due to George “using an inappropriate username”. This is particularly strange as the username on his alternate Twitch account is simply ThisIsGeorgeNotFound.

Twitch stated that the length of the ban was “indefinite.” Thankfully, his channel was quickly reinstated.

Why was GeorgeNotFound banned again on Sunday, March 14?

Suddenly, and seemingly out of the blue, George’s account was banned for a second time just a day later. George appeared perplexed as he just tweeted “twitch just banned me… again”.

This time, the screenshot of the ban detailed a few more reasons why he may have been banned. It states: having a username that “insults another user”, “threatens negative action towards another user”, or “promotes self-harm in conjunction with malicious chat activity, such as telling another user to kill themselves” could all be reasons for a ban.

George’s username, however, does none of those things. Based on this, plus the fact that he was unbanned only two-hours later, it looks like Twitch simply made a mistake. Thankfully, this seems to be resolved for now.

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