Why Was HutchMF Banned From The NoPixel Server? - Ban Duration & Reason

HutchMF has received a temporary ban from the popular GTA RP server

By Kyle Knight

August 10, 2021

HutchMF, a popular GTA Role-Playing streamer over on Twitch, has become the latest victim to be banned from the massive NoPixel server.

After a rather abrupt end to his stream, HutchMF swam off into the ocean to announce that he was “going to the Bahamas”. Also known as, receiving a ban from the server. In case you missed all the action, here’s everything you need to know about HutchMF being banned from the NoPixel server.

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GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners Trailer

Who Is HutchMF?

HutchMF, also known by his real name Bryce Hutchinson, is a professional baseball player for the Chicago White Sox and also a gaming streamer over on Twitch.

Hutch has accumulated over 170,000 followers on Twitch and can often be found live streaming Grand Theft Auto V. More specifically, playing on the GTA NoPixel server, a dedicated role-playing server inside of GTA V.

Why Was HutchMF Banned From The NoPixel Server?

Essentially, like most NoPixel bans, HutchMF was banned from the server for going out of character (OOC) and feuding with fellow streamers. This is something that happens quite a lot on NoPixel and often results in streamers being banned.

Hutch is clearly not happy with the state of the server after he went on an hour-long rant after he was killed by police officers.

After attempting to rob a store, Hutch was killed from a skyscraper far into the distance. After which he exclaimed, “Are we landing helicopters on roofs we can’t access? What?”.

Hutch went on to go out of character and express that he felt the police had a very unfair advantage and that the situation wasn’t realistic. He then went on to state that “That’s just bullshit, chat. You know that was a rule in 2.0, literally in 2.0, cops were not allowed to land on places that we couldn’t get up and vice versa”.

Ultimately, HutchMF went on a very long OOC rant regarding the police on the server. This rant then leads to him receiving a ban from the server for being OOC.

To see Hutch’s rant in full, check out NoPixel Central’s video for context.

How Long Is The Ban For?

At the end of Hutch’s stream, he announced that the duration of his NoPixel ban would be for 3 days. Meaning he is able to return to the server on August 13th, 2021.

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