Why was Kiaraakitty Banned from Twitch Again?

Why was Kiaraakitty banned again?

By Peter Hunt Szpytek

March 16, 2021

Anytime anyone wants to stream on Twitch, they’re putting themselves in a tricky situation as many guidelines and rules aren’t always black and white. Kiaraakitty has been finding this out the hard way.

Popular Twitch streamer Kiaraakitty has been hit with the ban hammer twice in 2021.

While she hasn’t put out an official statement regarding today’s ban, we can begin to guess and speculate why she’s been removed from the platform.

Here’s everything you need to know about Kiaraakitty and why she was banned.

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Why was Kiaraakitty banned today March 16?

At the current time of writing it’s not entirely clear why exactly Kiaraakitty was banned today. That said, looking into her most recent stream might give us some answers. Last night, Kiaraakitty did a jacuzzi stream, a type of lifestyle stream that’s been growing in popularity, and it may have been the cause of her ban. With any content that involves people wearing bathing suits or getting wet, the streamers might be in hot water (pun intended) because that sort of thing lends itself to breaking Twitch rules easily.

Viewers of last night’s stream have cited “lewd dancing” as one potential cause for her ban. This might go hand-in-hand with her ban from earlier this year when she did a stream titled “Dressed as a bunny for my horny viewers.”

Additionally, and perhaps most damning, is the fact that at the beginning of her stream she was playing Dr. Disrespect content according to a viewer.

While the rules for these types of things aren’t black and white, it seems like there was enough going on between the potential violations that resulted in her ban.

Update – 17/03/21

After less than a day, Kiaraakitty has been unbanned.

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