Why Was The Agoti Mod Removed From Roblox Funky Friday? - Developer Responds

The Agoti mod is no longer available for Roblox Funky Friday, here's why

By Kyle Knight

July 19, 2021

A new update was recently released for the popular Roblox game, Funky Friday. Following the new update, fans were disappointed to discover that the Agoti mod for Funky Friday is no longer supported by the developers.

After a lot of confusion and questions from the Roblox community, Lyte Interactive, the developers behind Funky Friday, have since responded to the removal of the Agoti Mod. Here’s everything you need to know about the situation.

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Roblox: Restaurant Tycoon 2 Trailer

What Is Roblox Funky Friday & The Agoti Mod?

Funky Friday is a Roblox game by developers Lyte Interactive. Many fans will be familiar with the popular flash game, Friday Night Funkin’ which servers as the inspiration for the Roblox rhythm game.

Players must battle against an opponent in a rhythm dance off to hit the notes on time and score points. Many of the songs in the game come from the original Friday Night Funkin’ soundtrack. The popular game recently received a new update which included new songs, emotes, and more.

Agoti is a mod for Friday Funky, which includes a new character and a whole host of new tracks for players to complete. Agoti actually stands for ‘a guy on the internet’, which is the name of the character included in the mod.

Developers Respond To Removal

In a statement released on their official Discord server, Lyte Interactive responded to the removal of the Agoti mod from Funky Friday with the following statement:

“SO, agoti mod has been removed due to the recent drama revolving around the key author, agoti. So we do not want to associate with the mod and distance ourselves from the drama. Oh! and you can find out more info about the AGOTI situation by searching on the internet. Our server doesn’t support discussions about this kind of topic as we’d like to be as drama-free as possible. So it’s best you look elsewhere (recommend Youtube, Twitter, or Funkipedia)! Thank you for understanding peeps, and thank you for supporting the community”.

According to the developers of Funky Friday, it appears the Agoti mod has been removed due to recent comments and drama surrounding the creator of the mod.

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