Why? Why Not? Goat Simulator To Release Multiplayer Patch

on April 7, 2014 10:57 AM

The most unexpected gaming hit of all time, Goat Simulator, has announced the release of their first patch today.

Coffee Stain Studios will be adding a new map, new goats and, surprisingly, multiplayer.

Yes, local split-screen multiplayer will soon be a reality in Goat Simulator. Expected to be completed by May the patch will be available as a free update.

“A lot of people have been asking for DLC with new maps for Goat Simulator, but we would feel bad charging people for DLC content when people can just download new stuff for free from the Steam Workshop,” said Game Designer, Armin Ibrisagic in a press release.

The possibility of dueling goats has been a consistent question for the developers of the game. The title’s official website has long listed the following response:

Sadly we haven’t implemented multiplayer, we are using NVIDIA PhysX and Apex for our in-game physics, which gives us amazing and realistic physics, but it would synchronize terribly in multiplayer. If we were to add multiplayer, we would have to rewrite most of the game code from scratch and we’d never finish the game in time, so we decided to prioritize other things (one of them being Steam Workshop support).

What exactly changed is unknown but with the success of the title the studio seems to be happy giving people what they want.