Wicked Fast Speed Run of Doom II Breaks Four-Year-Old Record by 22 seconds

on November 17, 2014 8:07 PM

Speed running games has become something of an art, a wonderful display of complete mastery over a particular game.Whether it is flying through Ocarina of Time in less than 20 minutes or zipping through Super Mario Bros in under five minutes, its almost inconceivable to watch someone completely break down a game you spent dozens of hours beating in a paltry few minutes.

In particular, one of my favorite types of speed runs to watch are the old id Software titles like Wolfenstein and Quake. Those old-school shooters never fail to provide the thrills, as blaze through levels at break neck speeds with rocket jumps and other handy tricks. This weekend, Doom II was the game to have its previous record shattered with a new run that cut 22 seconds off the time, being fully completed in a paltry 23:03 by a player known as Zero-Master.

The video is pretty remarkable, seeing Zero-Master blast through half a dozen guys with single well-timed blasts and abusing a plethora of glitches to best the last record set from the game back in 2010. I highly suggest checking it out the full run for some easy entertainment tonight before the rush of big game releases tomorrow.

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