Wide Ocean Big Jacket Update Brings 'Meryl and Alan' Chapters

Independent Games Festival Finalist Wide Ocean Big Jacket now has some new content in the form of new ‘Meryl and Alan’ chapters, according to developer Turnfollow, who made the announcement on July 31 on Twitter.

First shown off in a demo at LudoNarraCon earlier this year, these chapters add some new perspective and new adventures to an interactive experience that had previously only clocked in at around 60 to 90 minutes.

The new chapters center around an older couple; the dynamic duo of Meryl, who loves to talk, and Alan, the strong, silent type. As with the chapters in developer Turnfollow’s original game— which was very much like an even more relaxed, chiller, shorter, and more artistic play on Firewatch the two go on a pleasant camping trip. This time around, however, you get to do things like control both characters at once while walking along a beach, which is something that other ‘walking sim’ type games don’t ever really let you do.

Gameplay in WOBJ is all about undertaking very simple tasks, like cracking open a beer or searching for a lost cellphone. Granted, if you’re more interested in shooting aliens or thwarting a devious plot than letting yourself drift off into a virtual space, Wide Ocean Big Jacket and its latest Meryl and Alan chapters may not be your cup of tea.

One of the things that set Wide Ocean Big Jacket apart from other, similarly relaxed games, is that dialogue is shown on black title cards— much like the ones used in silent films from the 1920s. This is to put separate emphasis on the simple but rich visuals and dialogues peppered throughout the player’s experience just existing in that world.

Wide Ocean Big Jacket was originally released on February 4. You can currently buy it for $8 on Steam, the Nintendo Switch e-shop, and/or Happy camping!

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