Review: Widgets Odyssey II

Review: Widgets Odyssey II


In Widgets Odyssey II, the fate of robot-kind is in the hands of five robots who have left their planet after it had been destroyed by the Cosmic Sneeze. Join Bruce, Cosmo, Helmut, Monk and Spad as they set out on their quest to overthrow the evil Yagor from his plan to annihilate the universe.

Throughout Widgets Odyssey II, you will play across five stages, each with their own set of puzzles to solve in order to progress to the next stage. During each stage, you will assume the role of one of the five robots, and solve your way through the levels’ many traps, enemies and mini-games to become one step closer to ruining Yagor’s mischievous plans once and for all.

width="300"Widgets Odyssey II was developed by Frima Studios and is a 2D Platform Adventure title available now as a PlayStation mini for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable for $1.99.

I’m going to be brutally honest here. Your child might play through this once in a matter of a few hours. The stages aren’t overly difficult, although can be a little tedious the further through the game you proceed. The controls were fairly simple; the main buttons being used are the ‘X’ and ‘O’ buttons and the analog joystick’s to move or to fly. At one point in the game, you are able to play a beat/rhythm type of mini-game where you will need to press the correct buttons in time with the beat in order to proceed.

I enjoyed the cartoon animations of the levels and story cut-scenes as they reminded me of when I used to watch the Saturday morning cartoons, but animations aren’t what make a game playable. width="297"There were a few comical moments throughout game, which honestly was one of the interesting things about the title. Even as someone in their late 20’s, I still insist on chuckling at a snot joke every now and then as I was able to play through a mini-stage involving rolling down a hill and avoiding sharp structures inside of a giant ball of mucus. Yummy! What can I say, I’m still a kid at heart, and that stuff is still funny.

Widgets Odyssey II had a fun and creative story that was quite humorous at times. But, that just really seemed like that was the driving force behind the game. As I was saying earlier, this title felt like it was directed towards a younger audience, and in that aspect I would say that children might enjoy Widgets Odyssey II, but given its simplistic nature and how crazily good kids are at video games nowadays, it might only take them a few hours from beginning to end, since there are only five stages and a few mini-games.

width="310"I felt that the A.I. within Widgets Odyssey II weren’t overly difficult, as they mainly kept to the same select path or were simply replaced by a tedious puzzle.

The puzzles throughout the game were fairly simple, as many of them were as easy as collecting a keycard or pulling levers in order to progress through the stage, but as the story moves forward, the puzzles increase in difficulty. But, there just wasn’t much of a challenge to back up this title.

Overall, I was fairly disappointed with Widgets Odyssey II. I didn’t feel that it appealed to adult audiences, but honestly that’s okay because it wasn’t intended to be. This is a kids game after all, but even your child might get a little bored with it after a while. It was way too short and there was no difficulty to it. The further I got in the game, the more frustrated I became. So, keep driving the spaceship. I don’t see a point in stopping for this one.


  • Title: Widgets Odyssey II
  • Platform Reviewed: PS3
  • Developer: Frima Studios
  • Publisher: Frima Studios
  • Release Date: Available Now
  • MSRP: $1.99
  • Review Copy Info: A download voucher for this title was provided to DualShockers Inc, for purposes of this review.