UPDATE: Wii 2 Listed by Swedish Online Retailer

By Kyle Durant

April 25, 2011

Update: The Wii 2 rumors are rumors no more. Nintendo has officially come out and confirmed that the Wii’s successor is in development and we’ll have further details at E3. I still have a hard time believing this price though.

Almost every gamer is aware of the Wii 2 rumors going around and those rumors have lead to notable figures sharing their opinions on the subject. The only credibility to these rumors are leaked images and “inside sources”. But what would happen to the status of the rumors if the actual Wii 2 system was listed on a retailer’s website? According to Swedish online retailer, Webhallen.com, the Wii’s successor is listed for 4995 Kr (around $818) and a 2012 release. However, to either cover their statements or await further info from Nintendo, they state that the price and release date are tentative and may change in the future.

Personally I think that a price tag in the 800’s is rather steep even for a next-gen console. It is for that reason that I am led to disbelieving the listing. Although, the tentative release of 2012 is spot on with the numerous rumors floating around. Take what you want from this piece readers but we can’t confirm or deny the credibility of the online retailer and its Wii 2 listing.

Via: [Gamersmint]

Source: [Webhallen]

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