Wii 2 Not Releasing This Year, 3D Not a Focus

By John Colaw

April 26, 2011

After all the rumors and speculation, culminating in a confirmation yesterday we now know that yes; Project Cafe / Wii 2 is real. Outside of that we still don’t have much to go on outside of some blurry words on a leaked image and more rumors. Some of that changes today, as Satoru Iwata has revealed some information on the console.

First and foremost, the reason for the Wii 2 at this time is very simple; it’s becoming difficult for developers to surprise players with the Wii. Nintendo is also sticking with their gameplan they they employed for the Wii, which is developing the console for the mass market rather than the next big thing. What this means is that 3D will not be a focus off the system, as 3D TVs are still a very rare thing and look to remain that way for awhile.

The Final bit is that the Wii 2 will not be releasing during the 2011 fiscal year. That is to say, prior to April 2012. This doesn’t mean that we can expect the launch to occur next April, but that is the earliest.


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