Wii Getting $50 Price Cut This Month

Wii Getting $50 Price Cut This Month

Before anyone starts crying about how much we suck your favorite animal’s genitalia, we would like to let you in on a little secret: Nintendo could be out to reduce the price of the Wii to $199.99, as per reports from a leaked Toys R Us catalogue advert.

The price cut, for those of you not to fond in the math department, is a $50 slash from the current price of the console, which comes bundled with Wii Sports. This new price point is expected to take effect on September 27. Notice the word ‘expected.’ It means that it might or might not happen then, but it sure as hell is happening this month.

At its current price of $249.99, the console is a bit more expensive that the we-give-you-nothing-but-a-fucking-console-and-remote Xbox 360 Arcade, which is currently priced at $199.99, and a tad lower than Sony’s newly priced and newly released 120GB PlayStation 3 Slim, which goes for $299.99.

We were expecting this price cut to come sooner or later. It’s only fair for Nintendo to cut their now ‘pricey’ console when put up against two top dogs with much more features in their consoles. Will this create a rampant surge of riots during the holiday season when mommy is in pursuit of getting little Timmy the much cheaper Nintendo Wii? Yes. At a $199.99 price point, the Nintendo is sure as hell, once again, the cheapest console. Man, this is going to be one interesting holiday season, I say.

[Via Kotaku]

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