Wii U Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Mecha Video Will Make Fans Cry With Joy, Reveals Online Co-Op

on April 10, 2015 9:32 AM

One of the most relevant features of Xenoblade Chronicles X is the ability to pilot transformable mecha named “Dolls,” and today Nintendo aired a long video explaining how they work

We get to see the different types of dolls (light, middle and heavy). Light dolls have low HP but high mobility, middle are balanced and easy to pilot, heavy have high HP but low agility. They can transform into vehicles like motorcycles, cars and tanks. They can also use a flight pack to fly.

You can upgrade your doll at the dedicated shop in the BLADE area of New Los Angeles. Customization is very deep, but expensive. They can be given different weapons and use arts.

Weapons can be equipped in different locations, hand weapons are used for auto-attack, arm weapons (on the left) let you equip a shield or an additional gatling, back weapons and shoulder weapons are carried on the back and deliver high power atttacks. There are also spare weapons like beam sabers or hand grenades.

The best weapons can take multiple slots in your doll, and cannot be found in shops.

It’s also possible to choose the color of different parts of your doll and to name it however you want.

Dolls also have fuel, that will be depleted gradually and when using arts. You can either dismount form your doll when it runs out, and it’ll recharge slowly, or you can go to the headquarters back at New Los Angeles and pay for refueling.

Dolls also have access to overclock gear in order to raise damage, and have other effects like pausing fuel depletion. You can even watch the action from two different cameras, third person or cockpit view.

Doll Combat uses basically the same system as ground combat, but the capabilities of your mecha make it quite unique. For instance, you can grapple enemies and stun them.

Dolls can of course be damaged beyond usability (and separate parts can be destroyed). You’ll need to get them repaired back in NLA in order to use them again, or you can dismount before they are completely destroyed. HP will regenerate over time in that case. There’s also insurance to replace destroyed parts up to three times.

Finally, it’s possible to form parties including both humans and dolls. The presence of dolls boosts the stats of the human characters.

We then get a glimpse on the game’s online feature, like the ability to add other players’ characters to your party, squad quests and more.

You can form squads of up to 32 members and run squad missions, are somewhat asynchronous, letting you co-operate with all the other players online to defeat a certain number of enemies.

Squad quests are probably the most relevant feature, as they allow you to fight giant monsters in co-op with three other players. There are World Enemies that are specifically balanced to be defeated together with friends.

You can share info with other players, and give them gear you don’t need.

Finally, there are leaderboards to see how you are doing compared to other players, and you can join 8 different “unions” to show your affiliation.

Below you can check out the video, alongside a few screencaps showing all the Dolls introduced today.

Light Type




Middle Type



Heavy Type



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