Wii U Gets Two New Official Games

The Wii U is getting two new games in 2020, courtesy of PixelHeart. Yes, you read that right.

I feel a bit like Robin Williams in Jumanji where he is shouting “What year is it?!”. Three years into the Nintendo Switch’s reign, the Wii U is making one last valiant attempt at relevance. Pre-orders for two official Wii U games just went live over on PixelHeart for physical Wii U versions of SHMUP Collection and Finding Teddy 2.  For Wii U purists in North America, these games are the EU versions, and the Wii U is still region locked.

Collectors will want to hop on this train though however. It was revealed that there will only be 3,000 units of each. Making these not only the (theoretically) last Wii U games to be released, but also games with very few copies. Maybe in 20 years, Finding Teddy 2 on Wii U will fetch a price like Earthbound or Mega Man X3. I feel like stranger things have happened, so who knows!

I know there are those of you who have long since parted with your Wii U system. Fear not though! You can get your SHMUPing and Teddy-finding on elsewhere, as these both are also coming to Switch.

I don’t quite know the reason that these games would be releasing at this point also on the Wii U. I haven’t found any Kickstarter for either of these games that they would be fulfilling a backer goal for. The system is far past relevancy and now more a meme than anything. Perhaps they are releasing as just a fun novelty and being able to say they were the last ones on the system. Who knows. Whatever the case may be, it did get us talking about brand new Wii U games in 2020 though, so that’s a plus at least!

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