Wii U Sales Pass 2.5 Million Units in Japan

Wii U Sales Pass 2.5 Million Units in Japan

If you look at sales across the world, the Wii U is struggling to compare to the newer PS4, but in Japan the two consoles are more balanced in their performance, occasionally trading places as the most popular home console each week, and coming relatively close in terms of sales.

This week, combining the newest Media Create data with historical sales, the Wii U has passed another milestone in the archipelago of the rising sun, passing 2.5 million units that have found a happy Japanese home. More precisely, we are at 2,508,312 units sold through to customers.

The previous milestone was reached at the end of November, which means that the console has sold the latest 500,000 copies in the latest eight months.

In total, it took two years and eight months on the shelves for the console to reach 2.5 million units sold. By comparison, the PS4 is sitting on 1,679,537 units sold, but it has been on sale locally only for a year and a half.

Sony’s console seem to be on the way to catch up to the rival on their home turf, but considering that the weekly difference isn’t normally very high, it will take quite a while. Nintendo might manage to bring the NX to the market before that happens, possibly shuffling the cards again.