WiiU Hardware Brings in 30 Million Dollars More Than Wii During First Six Weeks

on January 11, 2013 9:00 AM

NPD results were released this week and Nintendo took the opportunity to spin some positive light on their WiiU hardware sales since its launched. According to Nintendo, the WiiU hardware generated 30 million more dollars than the original Wii did at the same point following its launch. Obviously, these kinds of numbers don’t accurately represent the situation considering that back in 2006  the Wii had some severe inventory constraints.

When you look at the hardware numbers released by the NPD, the 6 year old Wii (475,000 units) actually outsold the WiiU (460,000 units) by 15 thousand during these last few weeks. But because of the WiiU’s higher price, Nintendo was able to bring in additional revenue. While it seems like something obvious, making money from the hardware right from the start is not the norm for home console hardware, and that kind of instant success will be vital for Nintendo and their new platform moving forward; something that I’m sure the other console makers will be making note of.


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