PS4 Exclusive Wild Guns Reloaded Releases December 20th

PS4 Exclusive Wild Guns Reloaded Releases December 20th

Publisher Natsume has announced today via Twitter that the remaster of their classic 1994 space western shooting gallery game, Wild Guns Reloaded, will be releasing exclusively for PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe on December 20th.

The upcoming title has been developed by the original team and features all of the original’s classic characters and stages, but includes even more content like additional enemies, stages, and 4-player co-op support.

Combining elements from third-person shooters and light gun games and set in the Wild West with steampunk and sci-fi themes, the story portrays Annie and her bounty hunter Clint, seeking revenge for the death of her family.

The original Wild Guns, which released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, is considered by critics and fans alike as a cult classic. It arrived on Wii and Wii U’s Virtual Console in 2010 and 2014, respectively.

Check out this upcoming remaster’s teaser trailer here. Natsume’s aforementioned Tweet can be found below: