Wild Rift Fan Sparkles In Star Guardian Orianna Cosplay


Wild Rift fan Amber/Anaelic Cosplay stuns in a gorgeous real-life rendition of Orianna's blue-ballerina Star Guardian outfit!

August 3, 2022

Cosplay has long been a way for video game fans to showcase their love for their favorite games, and Wild Rift’s Star Guardian event has inspired some truly gorgeous cosplays – especially for the clockwork champion Orianna.

League of Legends‘ Star Guardian Summer event transformed the MOBA into a game filled with magical girl-style sparkles and stories. Bringing not only new Star Guardian skins for champions like Orianna, Senna, and Seraphine, the game also introduced a visual novel component for fans to delve into.


This visual novel gave players an in-depth look at the Star Guardians, showcasing their developing connection as a team. With a story so focused on healing and support, the new Star Guardians quickly endeared themselves to long-time Wild Rift fans.

One such fan, Amber of Anaelic Cosplay, took on the challenge of recreating a Star Guardian skin in real life. Showing off incredible costume construction and ballerina elegance, Anaelic Cosplay shines as Star Guardian Orianna.

Anaelic Cosplay’s Wild Rift Orianna Cosplay

Anaelic Cosplay is no stranger to crafting beautiful cosplays. The Scotland-based cosplayer has created stunning outfits for a number of characters from Genshin Impact and League of Legends. From highly-detailed armor bodices to draping cloaks, the 24-year-old can do it all.

After tackling a particularly time-consuming Boss Raiden cosplay, her latest project stems from a team-up with Wild Rift’s UK branch. Donning a blue tulle skirt and shining stars, Anaelic now steps into the pointe shoes of Star Guardian Orianna.

Every detail about this cosplay looks incredibly professional – the bodice is tailored to fit perfectly, the wig styled exactly to mimic Orianna’s hair, the organza carefully ruffled for the skirt. She looks every bit like a real-life Star Guardian, channelling the same kind of whimsy and magic.

Following a study of the character’s Star Guardian skin design, Anaelic Cosplay got to work. Utilizing pleather, organza, and lycra, she built each piece of the costume from scratch. Shining iridescent blue fabric creates an almost glowy effect, much like the original design. The tutu itself is constructed from five layers of tulle, a layer of double organza, and 24 individual petals for the top. Making the effort to learn how to build a tutu the “proper” way resulted in a truly stunning piece.

Additionally, this cosplay only took Anaelic Cosplay three weeks to make. She stated that this is likely the fastest cosplay she has ever made, which only makes the project more impressive.

Combining Dance With Cosplay Creation

Further, Anaelic Cosplay’s ballet background is what really makes this cosplay sparkle. She also mentioned that she had taken ballet for several years, first starting pointe 10 years ago. Balancing on her tiptoes and extending her arms elegantly, she captures both the aesthetic and the actions of the character.

Dancing pointe is a skill that takes years to develop; requiring strength and balance, pointe is the ultimate display of physical control in ballet. Though Anaelic herself has the training to dance pointe, she does not recommend inexperienced dancers to don these particular shoes! However, Anaelic’s choice to put Orianna on pointe emphasizes the character’s strength and charm in a really beautiful way.

After this massive project, Anaelic Cosplay states she’ll be building Orianna’s ball/weapon next! Though she hasn’t announced any other Star Guardian cosplays, her Patreon may hint some sparkly plans in August. Otherwise, we’ll just have to keep our eyes out for any future renditions of Wild Rift characters. To see more of her work, you can keep up with her on Twitter or Instagram.

For now, jump into Wild Rift’s Star Guardian event, open until August 15th, 2022. The event runs for one month, leaving only 12 days left for you to snag these skins!

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