Wild Unknown Gets an Early March Release Date on PC, Trailer

Wild Unknown Gets an Early March Release Date on PC, Trailer

Wild Unknown is a first-person exploration game by the team at Island Bar Games. It was recently revealed that the game will be coming out on PC on March 6th via Steam. It will retail for $9.99 USD in digital format.

You soon set out into the wild as you wake up in a forest with no knowledge of who you are. The narrative and puzzles will work in a similar way; You’ll come across items and clues that have been left behind and over time you’ll piece them together to progress. The game will also feature ‘numerous endings’ and the choices you make throughout your playthrough will answers the story’s dark mysteries in different way.

As Joe Sansone, the owner of Island Bar, explains:

Wild Unknown acknowledges that players are smart and asks some big questions about human nature and consciousness, the significance of intent, and the possibility of redemption. What players believe about these things will greatly impact how they perceive the story.”

Other features include:

  • Explore a beautiful, interconnected world, built in Unreal Engine 4
  • Supports play with mouse and keyboard, gamepads, or both
  • 17 Steam Achievements to unlock
  • Find and use tools and collectibles (keys, axes, dynamite, etc.) that enable players to access new areas and the secrets they hold
  • Collect notes and research files, and listen to phone messages and audio logs to learn the stories of those around you
  • Solve environmental puzzles to discover secrets that will change the player’s perspective on the story
  • Choose the ending you think is best, and know that some will require your best to uncover

With the launch date quickly approaching, Island Bar showed off a trailer with the press release. You’ll see what’s through the forest in the video below, but it’s up to you to figure out what it all means.