Wild West RPG West of Loathing Launches for PC/Mac/Linux on August 10th

Wild West RPG West of Loathing Launches for PC/Mac/Linux on August 10th

Stick-figures, wild-west, slapstick comedy, open-world, tactical combat, and branching narratives. West of Loathing. August 10th. PC, Mac, and Linux.

Today, developer Asymmetric announced that its comedy, wild west RPG, West of Loathing, is poised to launch for PC, Mac, and Linux on August 10th.

For those that don’t know: West of Loathing is a single-player slapsticks comedy adventure RPG set in the wild west of the Kingdom of Loathing universe. It’s gameplay is said to be a hybrid of point-and-click adventure and what you have come to expect out of an open-world RPG, while its combat system is turn-based and tactical.

As you will have noticed from the feature image, West of Loathin features a unique stick-figure look to it, with its characters literally looking like the drawings of your earliest 1st grade art books. But yet it actually looks quite nice and charming.

The game is said to contain a branching narrative, dozens of NPCs, hundreds of enemies, and nearly 100 unique locations to explore. Below, you can check out a brief elevator pitch via the developer itself:

Leave your family farm and head West to find your fortune! Traverse snake-infested gulches, punch skeletons wearing cowboy hats, grapple with demon cows, and investigate a wide variety of disgusting spittoons. Charm your way out of trouble as a silver-tongued Snake Oiler, plumb the refried mysteries of the cosmos as a wise and subtle Beanslinger, or let your fists do the talking as a fierce Cow Puncher. Explore a vast open world and encounter a “colorful” cast of characters, some of whom are good, many of whom are bad, and a few of whom are ugly.

As you may know, West of Loathing is set in the same world as The Kingdom of Loathing, a browser-based MMORPG that released all the way back in 2003 and grew a cult-following of over 1 million players.

At the moment of writing this it’s unclear how much West of Loathing will cost when it launches. Below, you can check out the game’s latest teaser trailer: