Wildlife: Forest Survival Looks Downright Unfair

Wildlife: Forest Survival Looks Downright Unfair


EA announced that they’re developing a new PSN/XBLA game under the EA Play label called Wildlife: Forest Survival.  It looks to be a strictly multiplayer affair that has players battling each other in a forest world where only strong survive.

Participating in up to 12 player arena battles across eight maps, combatants can fight as one of four animals, each with different abilities: the rabbit, with a Sense Danger ability, the fox with a Sneak Pounce ability, the hawk with a Dive Bomb strike, and the gator with its agility in murky waters.

…wait, you can play as a rabbit, to go up against animals like alligators?  How is that even remotely a fair fight?  It’d be like if Andre the Giant drove a tank into the ring to wrestle against the midget version of Doink the Clown.  Also, I’m kinda bummed that they don’t have the most dangerous animal of them all, Man.

Eh, maybe he’ll be an unlockable character.  Wildlife: Forest Survival is slated to come out in spring 2011.